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Virus Help i cant remove

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help ;) i just got a bundle of viuses!!i cannot get rid of the bloommin things!some one please help


may be i can help,what about the virus anti system? uninstalled?and then i suggested you install a AVG free Edition (http://www.avg.com/de-de/free-antivirus-download) which is very useful for that can not afford the business anti-virus's price i think.just tried it.and if you interested in it,i was ever introduce a project that named "ClamWin" (just located on sourceforge.net) which is a free anti virus programme i think this one is better for that lower computers.and maybe you can gave us some details about the virus you got,what tips the computer gave for that? so i can gave you more help,-just click the start then run " msconfig " looking up the start menu,if there is something unfamilar with your system if there is just uncheck it.run" regedit" to see if there is some bad things on your reg.guangdian


;):P You said what I was going to say but without the details ofcourse ;) . No need to keep reading to get better views, he pretty much summed it up wit AVG. It is free and it is about 7mb. You should update it to the latest virus definition to have it work best.


It is free and it is about 7mb. You should update it to the latest virus definition to have it work best.

and if your system is win98 ,the free avg will created a DOS scanner on the access of boot your computer ,so if there is virus can not been deleted on the win enviroment that on the dos it also can delete the virus or warm.


Maby EzAntyvirus or AvastHomeEdicion help you.Its good any 1.


Did you get rid of it? I remember suggesting you run any anti virus and cleaners as soon as possible. Viruses spread quickly (both the human and computer kind ;) , the sooner you try to run them the better. If it doesn't work, maybe you could take it in and have it professionally cleaned? they would know a lot more about these things. That is all I know. Best of luck to you!


ok, you can try those free editions if you want. They are pretty good. But you shuld get a Purchased Anti Visrus after some time. Like Norton Antivirus/Norton Internet Security, Panda Titanium Antivirus/Panda Platinum Internet Security, Fsecure, and there are much more. Anyway it best that you have atleast one Firewall and one anti virus. ;) Hope you fix your computer, Good Luck. If you cant remove your viruses they you shuld try to restore you computer and if you cant do that then in worst case you shuld clean your whole harddrive. ;)


Hey i have trouble with viruses too you need to use an antiviruse package like Norton and also maybe some cleaners becasue if you dont get rid of them quickly you could lose your computer which happened to me 2 times i mean i thought it was just because we moved the computer to the other side of theliving room


you can get a free online scan if you want...


There are many types of viruses and they do different effects to your computer.. So what are the effects that the viruses did to your computer...? With this, then we can identify the viruses and solve your problem.. So get yourself some free anti-virus software as mentioned by posters earlier to determine the viruses..If you think your computer has gone over crazy and the anti-virus program cannot fix everyone of them, I suggest you reformat your computer.. This will make sure every single unwanted stuff cleared from your computer.. Hope you understand what reformatting means because its gonna wipe out every single data on your computer too.. So do remember to backup your important data before you format.. This method has always been my best choice because it guarantees removal..