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Free Sms Service. How can send free sms?

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Sms seng program / web:zyb.com free 5 sms / 1 accountemail2sms.ru only vodafone (good site free or paid service)Thesmszone.com good site free 1 sms :P and win 45 credit / singupBigsms.de good site.Try it now.


sms... whatas a seng program? sms? is it free hosting or something?


Hey, I've been using sms.ac for many years now and have always enjoyed it until recently when they seem to be leaning towards charging people more. It is still one of the most comprehensive one and I think if you are a new member you get 8 free a day for a long while, my while however has just expired so thanks for putting this up!


I've tried zyb.com and it works awesome. You forgot to say that if you can get 5 SMS for every referal for zyb.com.Cheers!


sms... whatas a seng program? sms? is it free hosting or something?


SMS: Short Messaging Service, a service for sending messages to wireless phones. SMS is similar to paging. However, SMS messages do not require the phone to be active and within range and will be held for a number of days until the phone is active and within range. SMS messages are transmitted within the same cell or to anyone with roaming service capability. They can also be sent to digital phones from a Web site equipped with PC Link or from one digital phone to another.


And SMS can also be sent over the internet using the service provider's e-mail to sms service OR using a mobile connection.


Those are good sites, thanks alot.


Hey, I've been using sms.ac for many years now and have always enjoyed it until recently when they seem to be leaning towards charging people more.


I agree with this. Their site itself is very professionally designed and it looks like they are actually doing it very professionally as well. For the first post unless I check it out its hard to judge whether they are reliable, good and whether messages are being delivered instantly or not is to be still checked.


free sms sending message go https://www.telenor.no/privat/mobil/ or http://www.inpoc.no/ you have to first register and hereupon sending message.very easy using services telenormobil-a and inpoc-a. Happly :P:(


i've been using sms.ac for quite a while... but i think i'm starting to dislike them going a little too corporate...ByTheWay, deadhunter... thank for the URL to the cool sites u gave..heres another reliable one : chatbar.com


i don't bother with them due to the fact that you have to pay for it to be sent, recieve and all that stuff, im not going to spend .25 cents just to say hi to a complete stranger.


i use either ww.chikka.comor one of our local ones lw/c is msn.pldtmypad.com~i find them useful whenever i dont have any credits on my mobile phone~


I used to go to a site called http://www.freesms.com/ along time ago, it was free and easy and it worked, but of course it eventually went paid or disappeared. :-(


I feel being able to send text messages direct from your pc, over the internet, is a good idea. If you do not have credit on your mobile phone, your mobile phone doesn't have any battery or I suppose it could also be if a friend has a mobile phone when you haven't (This shouldn't really be the case nowadays as the majority of people have mobile phones).I don't agree entirely with these sites that claim to offer everything for free, the text messaging and whatnot. I've heard that the way these are able to offer such services for free is by means of their advertisements etc. Everytime you text message someone, you have to enter their phone number on the site. I assume the site could then spam this number, send it junk text messages etc.Basically, I think it's best to steer clear from the free internet text messaging services unless you're absolutely desperate to send a text message, for the simple reason being that every internet site has it's downside. The most reliable and best method to use would be to use the text messaging on your mobile phone. It's also more direct, so it could mean that the person receiving the text message receives it quicker.


There are alot free SMS services, or applications. Some of them dont work and you have buy free smses or some of them have a trial period. I stick to my normal sms rates on my phone, much safer :)


thanx for sharing these wonderful sites dudes


SEA SMS is a name in itself for providing free SMS services. You can send FREE SMS from your COMPUTER (connected to internet) to a distant MOBILE PHONE anywhere on the planet earth.


Iam indonesian, and if i want to send free sms, i using smstoindo.com, its free, you can use it:)


yeah i use sms.ac but that's the only case when my phone doesn't have load. i also use yahoo! messenger's sms service, but i think there's a limit to the number of sms messages you can send.


hey, what happens with http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ it closed???


I use Yahoo Messenger for that purpose. No restrictions i suppose. And works really good...