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You can find most of my 3D max + PS art pieces there. I've been doing webdesign recently so that's my reason for being inactive :P

Most of the earlier stuff is tutorials and testing as you can probably guess, heh. Anyways tell me what you think :D


wow.. your stuff is pretty damn cool.. didnt look at much of it.. yet :Dgood job :P


You would like to see this, don't you??


By the way your galeru is very nice :P


Thx for the link, are you one of those members?


dreek... coul'd u explain me how to do this...


lights behind text... u have been searching this fx years and years... :P


popac... i can't see your gallery...is link correct? :P


Ray of light tutorial: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

Enjoy :P


Oh My Gawd !! You Show off !! LMAO


youve got a lot of nice pictures dreek. i like them a lot.nice job :)


Thats some nice work their, i use photoshop 7 and i havent tried 3d stuff yet. I will propably try some soon though


Nice work. Looks like some of the work my friend does. He made his own program and its almost like bryce but it has photoshop and flash and all that included. ITs REally kewl do u just use Photoshop?. Mine never come out that good with photoshop. So nice job on that i thought they were really good

Good Grief Graphics

The photoshop stuff I looked at seemed basic, but the 3d stuff was sweet. Unless, of course, you did "spikes" in ps, then I'd like to know how you did that.