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Google’S Nexus 7: A Brief Review

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Google has been expanding its reach like forest fire and touched almost all possible sub fields of technology. The giant has ensured that, success follows its policies and has been researching really hard to cater to the changing tastes of the people.After setting up search engine Google , social networking site Google +,web browser Google Chrome and one of the most used mailing services of the world Gmail, it has now decided to enter into the world of sleek tablets. Google has partnered with ASUS to develop the first Nexus Tablet and they have nailed it by offering the device for just $ 200.[/font]


The look of Nexus 7 is satisfactorily stylish. The back is covered with black rubber, rubber which is designed to look in a manner that makes it feel like leather. The Nexus logo stands visible at the top and the ASUS logo at the bottom. The camera is 1.2 megapixel and can be seen at the front.[/font]


Nexus 7 has a single speaker which is found just above the bottom at the back of the device.In addition, a micro USB connector can be at the back as well and on the right of the back, there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack. However, on the left of the back, nothing so significantly visible is found, except a ring like thing in silver that covers almost the whole device.The thickness of the device is 10.45 mm (0.41 inches) and its weight is a mere 340 g(12 ounces). The portability factor is enhanced because of its slim and light-weighing features.[/font]


Nexus 7 is powered by NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-processor at 1.2 GHz, yet it can be upgraded to 1.3 GHz when required. It has inbuilt 1GB RAM and a flash storage of 8GB which is expandable to 16GB with an extra payment of $ 50. However, there is no provision for the expansion of micro SD, which means involving another extra payment. The data connectivity can be done only by WiFi ( 802.11b/g/n). The features of NFC,GPS, Bluetooth, accelerometer, digital compass and gyroscope are however present.[/font]


The 7” screen resolution is 1280x800 which is high enough to even make 720p videos look good on it and everything else viewed with sound brightness and suitable contrast.[/font]


The audio, could have been better though there isn’t much to complain . The sound output is pretty decent and acceptable.[/font]


Nexus 7 requires the user to be patient while booting as it takes 35 seconds for it, but the same patience can be done away with because once you start with it, it is as smooth as possible with the “Butter” coating. Loading pages( even the ones heavily loaded with apps) and swiping through seems quite convenient.[/font]


There have been several tests performed on the device to check its efficiency compared to the higher priced tablets and it performs stunningly.[/font]


The usual issue with tablets is that they turn “hot” when they are used for longer hours, especially when extensive gaming is taking place on the device, but Nexus 7 sweeps here too as it has been found that it gets just “toasty”.[/font]


The battery works fine for more than 9.5 hours without being charged.[/font]


Probably, the point that Nexus 7 is one of the most anticipated devices, because it runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.[/font]


In Nexus 7, the browsing using Chrome is quite smooth and open tabs on a desktop can be imported conveniently,Chrome to Phone Plugin can be uninstalled as well.[/font]


There are some downsides to this device like you cannot have a dedicated HDMI output which makes it lag behind when it comes to videos.There might be occasional disturbances while some heavy app has to be loaded, but that can be ignored as most of the tablets come with similar problems, but that doesn’t even let Nexus7 get superior, the next aspect that could be worked upon is the quality of the audio which doesn’t stand upright when compared to some features. Moreover,in case of e-reading, most of the magazines are priced higher than that in Amazon and same is the case with many MP3 files. The capacity of internal storage is also limited.[/font]




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a lot of new devices coming out, and i notice they all sit on the 1GB RAM... is 1G very sufficient today and the next years to come? just looking at alot of new devices and upcoming ones (especially phones) they seem to be sticking to the 1GB Ram...


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