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Should I Use More Than One Advertisement Sources On My Website


I am using only adsense ads on my website. If the adsense performance is low, the earnings of the website becomes low. On the other hand if the adsense performance increases, the earnings of my website also increase accordingly. However, when I see a big website, I notice a lot of different ad sources on them. I would like to quote the example of squidoo here. They are using adsense ads as well as chitika ads in their lenses in addition to other potential sources of income such as direct advertisement and amazon product sales. In addition to squidoo, a number of different popular website uses the same strategy.Now I have a question to ask. Suppose you have a page big enough to support three ad units in it without distracting the users and creating an annoying effect. Suppose you place two adsense units and one chitika link unit on it. Now my question is that a lot of people say that adsense is better by far than all other ad sources in the market today. The work "all other" covers the chitika ads as well. Now if the adsense units bring you more money, why you are not replacing the third chitika ad unit with another adsense unit. If somebody clicks an ad in the chitika ad unit, you will get some money in your topics but if the same user clicks the ad in the adsense ad unit, you are more likely to recieve more money as compared to what you earn from chitika. So why not place all three adsense units instead of wasting the space with chitika ads.I searched on the internet and found two possible reasons why mixed advertisement is better than only adsense advertisement. I will explain them in the lines below but I need your comments on it.1) The first reason is based on the fact that very few niches have so many advertisers that all adsense units are filled with highly relevant ads. In most cases, when there are not enough advertisers in the niche, you may get very unrelated ads in the adsense units which are very unlikely to be clicked. Not only they are unlikely to be clicked, but they don't perform well even if they are clicked because the visitors are not looking for that type of information and the landing page of the advertiser doesn't make them satifsfied. They will quickly exit the page and in this way, although you may get some money on CTR basis, the money will be very low and the performance of your adsense account as a whole gets some negative points. So when you place lesser number of adsense units, the lesser number of links are required to fill these units and thus most likely, the units will be filled by highly relevant ads which will result in good income into your pockets.2) the second reason is that for pages which can afford more than 3 ad units, you have to go for sources other than adsense. Because they don't allow you more than three adsense units per page. By using ads from sources other than adsense, not only you get the chance to complete the monetization of your page, but in a way you tend to go towards independance. You are no more dependent on the performance of any one ad source and the average earning from your website on monthly basis will more like remain constant.I need your comments on this post. Thanks in advance.


Hi Ahs, in my opinion, so long as you do not put an overwhelming amount of ads on your site that will annoy and drive away users -- or too many ads where it begins to make the visitor think that your website is just one big place where you're trying to make money by getting people to click on ads, than you should put the different kinds of ads on your site, whether it be in the three locations, or on different pages.If you notice a certain area that is getting more clicks, than you put the moneymaking ad there. As the saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket. If you can have two money makers than why wouldn't you use them?I noticed in Gmail lately, right up top, it said that it will be "getting better ads" soon and to click for more details. A few years ago, I wouldn't ever think to tell my visitors that I'm personally doing things with ads and I would just have them appear. But then I clicked the more info button.What did Gmail have to say about it's new ads system? "We want to improve our ad system so that you see less irrelevant ads and more ads that pertain to your personal interests."Now normally, I'd think: I don't want ads at all! However, IF: these ads are placed in areas that are not annoying nor are they up in my face with announcements such as "buy this" or "buy that" and they are off to the side where I can see glimpses of them and maybe I'll see something I'll like and click it, than it doesn't really bother me.So my advice to you is to ensure that your visitors are seeing the most relevant ads that pertain to your website. I am actually having a hard time getting Google Adsense to display the most relevant ad information on my site. My website is very music and art-oriented, and yet adsense keeps displaying ads for concerts and art shows. While somewhat relevant -- still not exactly what I want it to show.You want your visitors to be on your pages for as long as possible. If they see a bunch of ads that are just annoying them and in their vision, than they are likely to leave. However, if you put ads in on the sides, as if they are merely suggestions for your customers/visitors, than they are likely to stay and trust in -- not only your website, but your ads as well.


Basically if you place ads effectively on the site, then use as many as you can. If the ads get intrusive you risk losing visitors who don't block ads (Chrome/Firefox/Opera users that use Adblock).Flashy ads are definitely a no-no. Even though some people don't mind them, they are quite distracting and people will hit the Back button or Close tab when they see it.


It depends on your website quality and the amount of traffic that is coming to it. Based on this you'll be able to apply to other advertisers. Google has no issues with other ad networks. You can use google, microsoft pubcenter, adbrite and some other ads on same page. In my opinion google adsense and chitika combination works great. You can also use moderate amount of affiliate banners on your site. This way it is possible to get some traffic on your way. By the way the limit of ads on same page is for google adsense only. You can use other ads more than 3 times on same page. But that will be too much clutter if they're flash ads. If you're interested then you can try buysellads, karbonads and few other ads on your system. I'm sure that will definitely bring some revenue on table. Just make sure that they're displaying relevant ads and not showing some 'adult ads' like adsense on your site which is more of medical site and has nothing to do with that particular ad.


Just make sure that they're displaying relevant ads and not showing some 'adult ads' like adsense on your site which is more of medical site and has nothing to do with that particular ad.

I have noticed this problem with adsense ads many times. I researched on it a lot and found that the reason I am not getting very relevant ads is that there are not enough ads in the adsense inventory related to human anatomy. I checked the number one website for the search term "human anatomy" in both google and bing and found that they are getting ads similar to what I am getting. I have also checked a number of other website and found the same results. So this definitely means that there are not enough ads in the inventory to be displayed.Moreover, a part of the adsense ads depend upon what you have been searching lately. If you are searching for ice cream machines, you are likely to recieve an ad related to ice cream machines even on a website which has nothing to do with it.


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