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Database Backup


Well i use to backup my website daily basic .

Its help me to take care of my forum data with out any probs.

Well some tools i use is named bellow. You gyes can take a look at this.

*1* SQLBackupAndFTP :-(a little introduction from their website):-

SQLBackupAndFTP is MS SQL Server backup software that runs scheduled backups (full, differential or transaction log) of SQL Server or SQL Server Express databases (any version), runs file/folder backup, zips and encrypts the backups, stores them on a network or on a FTP server, removes old backups, and sends an e-mail confirmation on job's success or failure. It can also backup remote/hosted databases using script backup.



Simple: SQLBackupAndFTP is unique in its simplicity - the whole "set it and forget it" job can be done in a single form with no tabs in a minute of two.

All-in-one: The whole backup - zip - ftp - confirm process is integrated as 1-2-3 (4)

Inexpensive or free: Comparable functionality starts in programs from $200. In SQLBackupAndFTP you can use a free version.

Credible: Created by a US based software company with years in .NET and SQL Server experience

SQLBackupAndFTP is ideal for any SQL Server database where backups have to be sent daily to a remote FTP server. It is especially useful for SQL Server Express 2005 and SQL Server Express 2008, since they don't have built in tools for backup at all, but can be used in any SQL Server Version.







Free database backup tool:-

(Little info from their website)

While being a developer is mostly fun - there sure are things which are not all that enjoyable. While the task of backing up production databases is typically solved by system administrators I have found the need to be able to backup my local stuff as well.


Typically I have a LOT of MSSQL and MySQL databases lying on my box - and the number steadily grows as new versions of my systems are developed. Or it could be a client calling about a problem I can't reproduce - then I typically create a local copy of their database on my box and try to debug to see what's happening. So, fact: my number of databases are increasing and I don't feel like having to change the backu jobs to include new databases all the time.


More info on how I work: as a consultant I also use my USB harddisk a lot, it's a convinient way of getting data and code to and from my clients.


So with that background lets see how I wanted my backup solution


a) automatic tool to backup all databases (MySQL/MSSQL) - note ALL databases. The tools should retrieve all databases available. However a way to EXCLUDING certain databases from the backup would be suitable.


I want to back it up to my USB harddrive, and be able to store multiple versions. Possibly by creating a directory for each day I run it


c) sourcecode. Should work as specified in - but I would like to exclude temp files - such as .obj etc. Preferably I would like to be able to tell which type of project each directory is - for example C++, .NET, VB etc so trhe system would be able to backup the correct files






hope you gyes backup your database daily to prevent data loss.


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you can just export your database in an sql format, there is no need for any software to do that.


if you use mysql you can use phpmyadmin


If you're using wordpress then there are quite some plugins that let you host the data. I have seen the rackspace and the jungledisk also has the wordpress plugin support. As they are quite popular so the hosting is easy with them. All you need to do is just supply the username and the password in the wordpress plugin and you get the backup on schedule. It is possible to do that in wordpress. So SQLite, mysql and any other type of database backup is possible with the CMS based tutorials.

If you're doing the local data backup for your web server or say XAMPP or for the local drive then you can check some of the linux backup softwares. I think there are plenty to choose from. Just check with others what they're using on the particular distro and then you can go ahead and use it. Most people are using either debian or the red hat based distros, so it's possible to find softwares for these distros.

Another thing about backup is that one can simply use the USB HDD and then take the backup. It is also cheap compared to the online backup. It just works in some cases. I think if you can safely keep the USB HDD then i don't think online database backup is necessary at all.


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