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Yahoo Mail New Feature


As I saw before I login my Yahoo email on the login page, I saw some new feature. I saw Facebook and Google buttons which the visitor can login his Yahoo email with his Facebook or Google account. I was pretty much confused when I saw Google on Yahoo... ain't they are the biggest rivals on the internet?


Interesting. I only use yahoo messenger, registered a domain with them long time ago, other than that, I never use their other services. It's very inconvinient when I want to connect with the rest of the world through yahoo. Now seems they want to catch up. That's a nice move. But be careful, don't be eaten by google.


Yahoo is a Good service for messenger , but sometimes it has problems getting emails , so i use Gmail for important e-mails.


I never found any lag or problems with yahoo server. In fact it has much better spam killer than google. Google often lets spam comes to inbox. This is not the case with yahoo. So i think it is not that bad. Google on the other hand is more intrusive in terms of privacy and ads if you ask me. Coming back to new feature of yahoo. I think they're also allowing open id features for their users. Now users of stackoverflow can use yahoo id to login to system. Google and facebook users can use their login to get yahoo services like mail or answers. This looks like good feature to me.


Best way to make money. Interesting system. You'd think that you could make more money by competition. But in actuality, you'd make even more money by cooperating with each other, sending each others' customers, advertising for each other, and helping each other out. It's like Coke and Pepsi -- which never merged.Then again, probably a bad example, as these are two different companies and two different tastes with many different products.But if the owners got together and partnered and acted like there was competition, both are still gonna make money.Same way I'd think.Google cannot dominate Facebook's social network.Facebook cannot dominate Google's search system.So what do you do? Join forces and make money with each other.I guess Yahoo figures into the system too.But these are the dominant players and they aren't dying -- though Yahoo laid off thousands of workers, so I guess someone is technically losing somewhere.


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