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Best Thing For Making Website Templates! website templates


if you want to make a smooth and nice website without code you may use artisteer.
you can use it for joomla templates,wordpress templates,html templates.
alot of stuff!


There are a ton of templates here if you want! https://freewebsitetemplates.com/


artisteer is a paid program ,if you are noob , then don't buy programs! learn how to code , you can learn html and css , it will take you a month?ok , but you will be able to code a website for your self and for free!


Artisteer is good but it develops very generic set of wordpress or any type of templates. You need to get more creative outside the editor of artisteer. I found it good for some of quick slappy designs and it also saves money on code using them. You can also use artisteer to get some designs for your small 5$ or so gigs. These type of gigs can't expect you to have too much professional designs so you can use artisteer for that. Artisteer will save a lot of time and design money involved in such low cost projects.


Many say that Dreamweaver is the best design program for creating website templates. I'm sure other companies have in-house tools, that the public doesn't have access to, but I do know that many Joomla and Wordpress template designers, use Dreamweaver for allof their projects. Of course they use Photoshop, or Gimp as well, can't forget the real graphics!


Why code which takes such a long time. Dreamweaver is good enough if you are too lazy to code. Of course you need the basic knowledge of CSS and HTML


Thanks alot but I think I would rather use my hands and bare code it but this tool would be pretty good If I wanna make up a template quickly but they come out looking a little shabby but I guess it depends on your knowledge of these stuff thanks anyway will attemtP more


Handcoding sometimes takes more time and for minor quick build projects artisteer can be good. There is also divine project coming for the photoshop users. They can now simply place the things on photoshop program and then just export the stuff to wordpress. I think this is similar to the artisteer concept but if you are into photoshop then and only then it is useful for you. I can not imagine using dreamweaver or NVU for the similar usage because there is a lot of stuff in it. I mean first create XHMLT4 verified document and then get each piece corrected into pieces for the wordpress template. So in such conditions it is always better to use automated projects like artisteer and divine project. That will surely save a lot of time of anyone who is into wordpress coding. Same is the case for artisteer while doing some quick HTML based pages. I think many users can get stuff done easily using this type of softwares. There are many options which you can manage and get the layout as per your liking. I have noticed this with some of the sites. But there are some things to note - excessive tags and too much clutter with namespace. You'll find it hard to navigate around the code with their namespace given. I think there is also issue of excessive tags that i have noticed and i would like to manage on my own tags in themes which are supported for the wordpress. Other than that you can use this for getting things done quickly, i'm sure you'll find it better.


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