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Domain And Hosting add on domains


I don't have paid hosting experience, so I can only speak of free hosting.If you sign up for a free hosting, it automatically give you a free subdomain of the hosting site. This is very convinient. I know some free hosting require your own domain, but that's not my case.Now you have a subdomain of hosting site. If you want to use your own domain, you put it in Add-on domain. It's very convinient too. I've been running my blog on add-on domain, don't feel anything inconvinient.Now, for curiousity, I start doubting-- what's the disadvantage of using your own domain as add-on domain instead of setting the hosting package directly by your own domain?


Free hosting only have limited space and free domain given has their site name+your's which is not very convenient for visitor to type in. Example <yoursitename>.site40.net. Which is not proper if it is business website. Paid domain is as cheap as $8 per year and affordable for some people. But you also can have free domain name but not as .com or .net which commonly used. .cc is still free to used. Cheer :-D


Sorry if my questions wasn't clear- I have my own registered domain. I now use it as add-on domain in my hosting place. I am wondering what's the disadvantage of using it as add-on domain instead of using it as main domain for the hosting package.


Simple. Easy people to type differently but can browse same site. That what my website used. Unless you hosting 2 different site with 2 different domain....


Most free webhosting should be able to allow you to park your own domain, instead of using their subdomain. Using your own domain sounds much more professional.it gives your site you Naming rights, Simplicity for people to visit your site, Added Credibility, dedicated email address and much more.


Now, for curiousity, I start doubting-- what's the disadvantage of using your own domain as add-on domain instead of setting the hosting package directly by your own domain?

There is no disadvantage using your domain name as add-on domain or parked domain. The subdomain name is still there (simply because you are hosted at Xisto) but nobody will use it.


I noticed add-on domain is using Redirct. So I guess it might not be as good as setting primary domain with hosting package.For example, if the addon domain is addon.com , on some error page you can see a line says "the domain addon.user.host.com is not available" (or some other messages, depends on the host and error)


Addon domain can use DNS nameservers, it's not a redirect, but you can manage redirect , but there's no point of using it, as that domain will redirect to some other place whenever you enter it, it could be done for temporary purposes, as I know it only adds a htaccess file to where ever it's parked.So there's no difference between parking and using addon domain, except that for most things addon domain has much more capabilities.I think that most of sites aren't hosted directly on the IP address these days, they are managed by DNS, if you can call it that..


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