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Website Promotion A list of some possibilities.


Website promotion




Several ways to promote a website


It is possible to see several ways to promote a website. Lets start with the assumption that the webmaster wants to get as much traffic to the website as possible. There are other purposes thinkable besides this assumption. It is possible the webmaster likes to have a special sort of people to visit the website. It is possible, that the website is just ment for a specific group of surfers. A website that is used to give information to the members of a club has its own specific purpose. The webmaster of a website that is used to give member information for the members of the club might miss the purpose of getting as much surfers to the website as possible. The webmaster of a website that sells expensive goods might have the purpose to attract as much rich surfers as possible. And a bank might have the purpose of getting as much possible customers to the website.


This shows that different purposes are possible. This topic deals with the purpose of getting as much traffic as possible. This topic doesn't deal with the quality of the visitors. And this topic doesn't cover the different attributions of viewers the webmaster might aim for.


There are several issues attached to the purpose of getting as much viewers as possible. Some of these issues are listed below. The list contains simple and easy items. The list can be helpfull to make up the mind of the webmaster and the promotor of the website. The list can be helpfull to get different options sorted out.


1. Content.


The attraction of the website is probably the biggest when the content of the website fits the needs and interests of the visitors. If a big audience is aimed for the content of the website can be ment for a big audience too. If the website is made for medical specialist the content of the website will most likely differ from a website that is made for lovers of horses.


2. Uncontrolled promotion.


A way to let people know the website exists and that the content might be interesting for them is by promoting the website. Not all the promotion of the website can be controlled. Some kind of promotion is out of control of the promotor of the website. This kind of promotion is free. And this kind of promotion is not completely controlable. The promotor of the website can't completely influence this kind of promotion. Uncontrolled promotion contains of promotion of the website by other people. An example is somebody who sents the link of the website to somebody else in an email. Another example is the website of a newspaper who discusses the topic of the website and provides the reader of the website of the newspaper with a link to the website of the promotor. This kind of promotion can be stimulated by special events and other activities to increase the promotion by other people. This kind of promotion stimulation is not used by a lot of people and this kind of promotion is not used a lot. The promotion by social events is a sort of new way of professional skill.

An example of not coördinated promotion is the video of the audition of miss Susan Boyle on the British television talent competition Britain's got talent. People started to send eachother the link, newspapers published about the audition and more and more people uploaded the video on Youtube. The results were a world wide fame and probably over 250,000,000 views of the several videos. Nowadays almost all videos are removed and deleted by Youtube.


3. Controlled free promotion.


A webmaster and a promotor of a website have several options to promote the website for free. Here are several options.

4. Forum

An options is to talk about the website on a lot of forums. A forum can be used to help other people. The answers posted on the forum might show the skill and the experience of the poster. This might lead to visitors of website.


5. Social networks.


An option is to open accounts on social networks. There are several famous websites that offer the opportunity to open an account. Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are wellknown. It is possible to put small messages on the pages of other members. These messages can attract the attention. This can lead to a visit of the website. It is probable possible to put a link to the website on the profile on the social networksite.


6. Youtube.


It is possible to open an account on Youtube. Videos about the topic of the website with links to the website in the description of the video can be uploaded on Youtube. Writing comments to the videos of other members of Youtube can attract attention for the website. It is possible to put the link to the website in the profile of the page of the account of Youtube.


7. Paid promotion.


Paid promotion can be seperated in advertising in ofline means like magazins and newspapers and advertisements newspapers, television and radio advertisements and printed advertisements like in a brochure and online activities like Google text advertisements and other advertisements and by email.


The internet gives several opportunities to promote the website. Some of those opportunities need to be paid. Examples are small text advertisements on the page of Google next to search results. And Google gives the possibility to put small text advertisements on other websites.


Promotion plan


A usefull way to promote a website seems to be to use the way not digital stuff is promoted. Advertizers tend to make a promotion plan. With useful in the other sentence is ment a way that spreads the available sources like time, money, efforts, work and activity over the available means like advertising, free publicity, promotion and other means of advertising like spreading brochures, advertisements in newspapers and magazins. The promotion plan makes it possible to oversee the different possibilities, to count the available money, to see how much money and time each activity costs and the expected outcomes and results of the different ways to promote the website.


To show that the information in the topic start post is not completely made up here is a link to one of the videos on Youtube of miss Susan Boyle with at this moment:






Here is a picture of miss Susan Boyle during her first audition.



I will probably be promoting my site from YouTube since a big part of my site consists of YouTube videos. So all of my traffic is mainly dependent on referrals and subscribers. My website is relatively small so SEO doesn't really matter for me.


Does Youtube accept flash file?I dislike online vedios because my internet connection is not good. I'm already on the fastest and highest price broadband, but my ISP just like that slow and no way to complain. I can make some tutorial in flash formate. But I can't try it out by myself because youtube is blocked in my country. If youtube accepts swf file, I will try to find a friend to open a youtube account for me, and help me upload files on it.


If i'm not wrong then youtube doesn't accept flash files. avi and mpeg files on the other hand are accepted and compressed. Not sure which regional channel you have in youtube and depending on that site rules will apply. Vimeo also has similar rules as per geographical location.I'm not sure low bandwidth users can upload video that easily on these networks but small powerpoint videos are easy to upload.


You have probably to convert the flash video to a format youtube accepts.Options are probably windows media video, avi, mov and mpg and some other formats.The Youtube help center speaks about Flash files that don't contain a video stream. They are not accepted by the upload engine of Youtube. It is not sure what a flash file that contains a video stream would be.


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