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Border Radius How should the be made


In IE making border radii round is a huge pain, but in firefox and chrome its a stimple css command. Should the CSS command be used, or shouid people try to go for the all supported bit in IE. IE9 will allow border radii, but you'll still have legacy browsers open. Any idea?


A lot of people, mainly private home users, still have old computers, mainly because they don't have money enough for buying modern computers, and for standard home mail and small internet usage, IE6 on old computers is enough, especially if your internet connection is slow.So, the web pages you create should be readable by everybody, including by myself when I'm in my mother's family house.So, your web pages should be readable with IE6.If you cannot draw circles with IE6, try something different, try squares or rectangles, but make something compatible with your extended public.


I still think, that the best way to do round corners is to use CSS and images created with GIMP or any other graphics application, as it will work everywhere.. The problem could be using PNG transparent images, but seems that there are quite good hacks for IE6 to avoid this.The CSS3 radius feature I think will be for the near future, besides I think using images with round corners for a layout is much faster for the browser than using the new features of CSS. :)Of course, using only CSS radius and etc. you will use less connections to the server..


Of course if you use images then if you want different radii for the borders you have to change the images or use multiple sets of images...I don't understand why you can't use the CSS3 feature now, and let IE and other non-supporting browsers to fallback to regular right-angle borders.


Well, from one perspective you're right, but it also depends on people for whom you're doing the website, they might try to use IE6 and will say to you, why those borders aren't round?So I guess, for browsers supporting radius, you can use radius, for other browsers you can use images.. But older Opera or Firefox versions will also not support it.


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