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Comsci Thesis


ei... i really nid help here...can anybody share/ suggest topic for my thesis... i don't know will i start...any optimization problems...


err... well, but can we roughly know a little bit more about your thesis concerns ? Which is it's main field ? About the way of feeding parrots ? Or making diamonds from charcoal by pressing it with a chair edge? Or backing up a computer through a wired network?And of course we need to know which is your environment. Are you in a university? Are you inside a team ? Are you leading experiments ? Do you already have published articles?


I think if you're compsci student then you can ask other compsci students in this forum. You can even ask tony in comments about any suggestion for thesis in his blog, he's friendly guy and helps almost anyone who asks for help. Hope this helps. Other than that i suggest you to check MIT opencourse ware and Stanford opencourses to check for any idea about thesis.


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