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Live Chat Affiliate Software Affiliate Program for Business


Hi Does anyone know of any Live Chat affiliate programs that I could sign up to, what I mean is Live chat software and/or live chat service where they do the customer service, I’m looking to make a review website because these type of sites offer recurring income., as you guys are all business/teky people I thought you would know, iv found one website which is an ideal example its http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ They seem to offer good commission rates, Be great if someone already has a big list of them, Thanks:)


Here in this thread, i found some help and support softwares listed. You can use Livezilla and hesk for the live tech support. If you can spend some money then you can go for many commercial sites which either offers paid hosting of such sevrice or let you install such on your own server.

Xisto - Support uses paid kayko help support software which is paid and costs arround 150$+ for yearly license fees. You can even get chat support enabled in it. Maybe the link and kayko suggestion could help you get the right package.


I think you would have to make one yourselfs, if I get you correct.


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