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Sleep Function Not Working


/* sleep example */#include <dos.h>#include <stdio.h>int main(void){ int i; for (i=1; i<5; i++) { printf("Sleeping for %d seconds\n", i); sleep(i); } return 0;}

I have turbo C++, i found this in its help file shouldn't it work?, when i run it i get:
Compiling NONAME00.CPP:Error NONAME00.CPP 8: Call to undefined function 'sleep' in function main()

I tried library <time.h>, doesn't work. In which library is sleep() function?


try msleep instead of sleep.
See for instance here : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/

void msleep(long msec)
Waits for an amount of time equal to or greater than msec milliseconds. msec is a long integer.


/* wait for 1.5 seconds */

Be careful, the argument of msleep is milliseconds, so you have to change your code.
By the way, why do you want to put it in a loop ?
Do you really want to
. sleep 1 second, then
. sleep 2 seconds, then
. sleep 3 seconds, then
. sleep 4 seconds ?
Why do you not directly sleep 10 seconds ?


Compiling NONAME00.CPP:Error NONAME00.CPP 5: Call to undefined function 'msleep' in function main()

As for why i made that loop i just copied and pasted it =), thats how its mentioned in the help files. And it doesn't work XD

EDIT: btw i have borland turbo C++ version 4.5 if it helps, but i doubt it since like i said its mentioned in the help files and there for it must exist in this version


Seems that some libraries are missing, either physically not installed or need to be #included.Also, the msleep functions has different meanings, depending from the C version you use. This intruduces the accurante moment to talk a bout the portability guide, which defines the way of writing programs in such a way that they can be compiled on all ansi C compliant compilers.


meh, i'll just 5.2. Iam guessing the fact that i got the program along with like 50 others for 1$ didn't help either:P. Even though the library exists its probably missing some functions.Thanks guys.


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