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Here Are Some Great Php Tutorial Sites


these site very usefull for php html java 5 day ago i only use w3school


Nice reference list.I would not state this being a tutorial, because you did not write this with your own words, that's why I moved your topic here. However, it's really a useful set of info, thanks a lot.Yordan


Thanks for this very useful reference list, i know many of them but i see two or three that i will visit right now.

BTW, i take the time to remove the duplicates entries from the list and also to sort it alphabetically:


Thanks TavoxPeru, there definitely were a lot of repeats in the original, and the new list is a lot better organized.I will, however, say that in general php tutorials on the web really only guide you through the most basic aspects of php. In order to really understand php, it's best to either (1) start working on a project that you've envisioned for some time or (2) contribute to open source php projects. The latter will give you a chance to view well-written php code (well, actually, you'd need to do some browsing and judging for that), which will help you improve your own code. The former will give you real problems that are outside the subset usually shown in tutorials.I'd actually say that for anyone who has had programming experience before, php's official website php.net is a great resource. It pretty much has everything you'll need to understand how to program php (mainly because php is an extremely easy language to learn; it's hard to organize, but easy to learn).Other than that, if you're a true beginner, try the w3c tutorials and tiztag. Keep in mind that none of these will help you put together a php app, and I'd suggest reading up some articles on database design if you intend to go heavily into the php/mysql sector. Database design is really the fundamentals behind the app, and then comes the php. I've seen many people mess up on the database and then in turn screw up their entire site.Either way, good luck!


Thanks for these lists of the sites!


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