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Pause A Command Prompt After Execution?


sorry, title should be "Pause a console program after execution".


ok.. when I created this thread, I needed help, but now I solved the problem, and here is the solution.

my problem was, that I couldn't make my application pause. It just executed, and then closed. so here is my old code.

#include "stdafx.h"#include "iostream"#include "stdio.h"using namespace std;int main(){ cout << "Hello World!" << endl; char name; cout << "Write your name, please: "; cin >> name; cout << "Hi " << name << "! Welcome, And Thank You For Trying My First Software :D"<< endl; cout << "Press ENTER to continue..." << endl; cin.get(); return 0;}

And here is what I did.

after the
cin >> name;

I added this:

Now this will allow me to add the:

before the "return 0;", and this will pause the application till you press the ENTER button.



Jep jep, I've always used this method to pause my C-applications . It's much better than system.pause() because cin.get() works for linux too (system.pause() is a windows-only app).


Yes, I did this too to pause a console application, sometimes I did system("PAUSE"); too but it works if there is a command PAUSE, it is by default on Windows, I think it's not by default on Linux, but as I know anyone can create such a command on Linux too.. The bigger issue is with CLEAR and CLS due to they both are different on Linux and Windows, so you have to check someway what system your using and only when use to clear the terminal or command prompt by CLS or/and CLEAR ;]


Thank, that's help me a bit as I learning how to write c++.
While I do the same thing with getch() and check it's value if it is enter key then quit.

as this

if (getch() == 13){ ...}


sorry, but what do you mean by if (getch() == 13)13 = the number for the enter key? if yes, can you please tell me where I can get the number for all keys, and if no, can you then please tell me what that is



It is just the ASCII computer code and you can get it from here http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/.
And yes, 13 is the key code for enter key.



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