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Ideal Racer Perfect racing game...


If you were to design a car racing game what would you have in it? When I say this take parts from other games for example the bodykit idea from need for speed, etc.


It would have to be a combination of the physics of Grand Turismo and style of Need for Speed Underground series and Most wanted.


cool stuff. I would agree with you. I love both games. What extra features would you include?


I agree with Saint Michael. Those are clearly the best aspects from the current racing games! Have a look at Forza, it combines realism with the ability to customize your ride!In my opinion it is way more realistic than GT and you have the ability to make the cars look however you want.Another cool aspect from Forza is that you can unlock real custom cars! From originals to unique performance garage wonders! All real cars that have been built sometime or somewhere!


i would not bring the body kits and the really wacked out accessories from need for speed into the game. what i'd like to bring is the whole free roam from need for speed and the cop chases from it. car selection would definitely come from gran turismo also i would like to see real parts from real companies in the game. last but not least i would take the realistic driving simulation from GTR2.


to design a car racing game

Ideal Racer


I'd put the worlds best guns and best luxury veichles and let people explore nevada with whole different veiw. As you progress you can go to even more secret spots in nevada like area 51 for example, race across the desert or any city in the state with your choice of a variety of weapons. You'd also be able to design your own character (hair clothes body shape gender ect.) and auto sculpt your car. And even brutal off road racing/fighting for the more experienced drivers. And play it all in HD/BLUE RAY for the ultimate action experiance. At least I've dreamed of a game that gave you that much freedom


-feedback by steven c.


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