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Free Scfi Mmorpg

Violation Games

I am looking for a free ScFI MMORPG. If anyone could tell me where I can find one, that would be great. I am sick of playing fantasy games.


google is your friend...ESPECIALLY when it involves searching/browsing the internet...i searched and found a ton...now you do your half and do it have fun!

Violation Games

Okay. Thanks


I would recomment Habbo Hotel, it is so real, you con earn or spend credits, which can become real money. Isnt it great ¡! Well I can not try it, because my internet conection sucks,,but I would definetely try it.


There tons of free mmorpgs that you can play online, you just have to search for it. But the few that I reccomend that would give you your fix would be maybe Maple Story, Silk Road, Lineage II (There are free servers). Those are the MMORPGs that I have happended to come across during my MMORPGs playing days. But Im sure that times have changed and there are probably tons more that you could possible be able to choose from.But to elaborate a bit on some of the MMORPGs that I have recommended before you. Maple Story is a 2D side scroller that have taken a lot of popularity among the MMORPGs fan base. It is mainly a game that offers you the ability to customize your character as well as grind levels to reach different jobs and classes. A warning ahead of time is that the level grind is very long, as this is suppose to be a casual played game which you play with friends or make friends in the online world of Maple Story. In result you would eventually make your own story in the process while playing.Silk Road however is a 3D based game which you have different jobs and classes. This game consists of the traditional Asian theme. Which probably takes place around the Shogun war. So if you are into fighting and playing in a asian themed enviroment as a samurai, monk, and all that good stuff this would be the game for you. The grind for this game is the same which is very long and should be looked at as casual game playing.Lineage II is also another 3D based game, this game is very graphic intensive and you must have a good graphics card and processing ram power to be able to experience it to the fullest. The game takes place in the medieval era, and you can be of variety of races such as humans, light elfs, dark elfs, dwarfs, and tyrants I believe. This game is the closest to world of warcraft but in my opinion better because of its age. This game has been around before world of warcraft and have a lot of things that was worked on. This game offers mass amount of gameplay value if you are up to it. The grind is no fun however, as it takes you forever for you to grind from one level to the next, unless you find a good server that allows quick leveling. This game offers the feature where you are allowed to carry pets as well as pet dragons which you would train and make them grow into full blown dragons which you could ride.This game has probably changes since the last time I have played it but last time I checked the community in this game is still increasing over a variety of servers because of its gameplay value. There are always groups looking to have boss raids, arrogant power leveled players that are out to hunt you, and the other great lifestyles of a MMORPG game that keeps you stuck to your keyboard.Well I hope that everything I said have gave you an idea of what free type of MMORPGs are available to you out there. Just make sure to search because there are new free MMORPGs out there everyday.


Anarchy Online free scifi mmorpg decent pvp has got expansions which cost monthly max level is 220 however you can get to lvl 200 on the free version defo worth a try its very futuristic hence the spaceships and jet bikes etc :)http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ EVE which is a very dull space mmo that attracts alot of people however it is just too dull for me.Or Startrek online which is in development not sure when it will come out but I can guarantee it will be a big hit I'm not a trekky my self but I do enjoy the story of it.-Shaun



Free Scfi Mmorpg


Ive been playing this game for years and its amazing a text based game based on war and creating your own empire


Play for fun or even in special cashe rounds and ITS FREE TO SIGN UP!


People looking for an amazing game to play online this is the one to go for


-reply by Spawn


I'd say anarchy online. I haven't played it much but it was a retail game which has gone free so has good production values and whatnot which are often lacking in actual free games. Further it has a company backing it from its retail days hoping to make a few bucks off the expansions so again has some resources that MMO's often lack when put out for free (MMO's require so much to maintain I find alot of free ones are left hurting due to this). Personally I wasn't a huge fan of Anarchy online when I tried it BUT I'm not a huge MMO fan in general so it makes sense Worth trying out for sure. Plus over time you get offers from the company to download the expansions for free (I'm pretty sure I've ogtten offers for all or at least most since I registered my email with them) so if you DO like it and are patient you might be able to snag even more of the game without paying a cent.


Replying to Violation GamesActually you can play World of Warcraft for free. If you like that style of game their are many free servers out there some your instantly max level others are like the retail. Dunno how old this question is but if you read it you can download WoW for free at a lot of sites and there's a ton of free server listing sites. Just google it.-reply by Kiljoy


Replying to yuhuuNo, it's the other way around, you buy credits with real money, then spend the credits.-reply by Knux442


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