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Best PC GamePad For FIFA Games? Need a gamepad just like a PS2 one with analogue sticks?


Hi guys,Ok we got FIFA07 yesterday and its GREAT!!! but we have probs witht he controls...our old joystick just doesnt have enough buttons on it..SO I started looking around for a gamepad-we want one like the PS2 or Xbox ones with dual analogue sticks and possibly vibration on.Apart from the Logitec range which I have heard bad things about (losing calibration of the sticks all the time forcing you to pull it out and recal during gameplay) can anyone recommend a good gamepad for the PC?Me and my son will be very happy!!! cos we need two to be able to play together ) Aston Villa V Ajax everyday @ my house sounds like fun ))


Can you give a list of games that I can play with my computer gamepad


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