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Habbo Hotel


NOTE: I dunno if this is the right place for it, but this is an online multi-user chat game.I used to play this game, now it's just boring but I'm wondering if any of you guys play it, or even heard of it. If it wasn't for this game, I probaly wouldn't be into web design and programming, because thats where I met most of my 'online' friends.Anyway, whats your views on this game?


All i can really say is it's one big scam, i mean, it's a chat game and you pay for 'items' for your room? It's amazing at how many people can get sucked in and blow lots of money on useless things in this chat only game.I'd say it's more geared towards the younger people, i don't see what the point of the game is. You have instant messengers for chat and you've got things like icq and yahoo that can support chatrooms.-HellFire


I paid for credits once, then the furniture I got scammed by someone or either banned (when I was younger). It's also weird that 18-21 year olds play it too.


I wouldn't call it a RPG, but a big collection of chat rooms. I used to go and play there and in other similar websites, but I never purchased any credits anywhere '=) I never played for long anywhere because, like you said, it becomes so boring so quickly...! I mean, it's just a chat room after all... I wonder if The Sims Online is as boring as Habbo and others. Has anyone ever played it?


I think I regestered once. Is this that game made in flash 8? Never, pay for a game made with flash. You could play way better games for cheaper. I thought it was the biggest scam ever also.


haha, very good point! Never pay for a game made in flash '=)

Ed :P

Im a habbo. not a proud habbo but im still one. and you dont need to pay for furni... you need to find stupid people at take it from them like this, "may i have your furni" "no?" "too bad" and If you want to get really retarded... try fansites of habboits like... idk nothings MORE retarded than that.


Yes Habbo is a big scam they sell rares that are just stupid like spider webs.And they have fake celb's saying there on habbo when they could be paying somebody out just to act like that person.When i played i used to play a game called fallin furni which is kinda like musical chairs, but me and a couple of mates rigged it we would be talking on Teamspeak and telling were we would place so if someone is the last person they can either pay to stay or be kicked and so on and so on.


Well, its really fun. But it makes you pay for everthing. I played it for a long time


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