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Best Game Sites

Ed :P

1.) http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/.) http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/.) http://www.ugo.com/ rated by # of gamesboredportal has all addicting games has and more sitesaddicting games has all of ugo player and moer sitesugo player has a game maker community submitting games but there ussually high quality games


Cool, I'll check boredportal.com out... I've been going to addictinggames.com for some time now '=)

Ed :P

I saw that too. that where i found addicting games but boredportal has more games. I think there changing too soon. the admin keeps posting things like were about to change the games page on the home page. And if you noticed, Its only the best games from them. Addicting games has Ugo player on there's too but Ugo is all uploaded games by the user


I don't play flashgames, but I reckon I heard a lot addictinggames.com was good.


There also used to be a website with a domainname in the lines of 'digggames.com' that listed all the flash games that ever appeared on digg.com. Site still exists somewhere, I'm sure you'll find it on a search engine.


idk about ya'll but im a miniclip.com fanboy myself. Although its kind of a bummer sometimes because the computers where im bored most have adaptive filtering program that stop flash programs from going oh well, slime soccer/basketball anyone?


best game siteBest Game Sites

I would have to say Lorenzgames.ComCause he only puts great games on his site.His site is smaller then some others but you can interact with people that work there. I think in a few years lorenzgames will be as big as the others.

-reply by jonny


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