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Linux 3D To Be Announced Soon


Hi all,Linux is never behind other operating systems. Recently it has been announced that Linux 3D is gonna to be launched in the market. This will definitely give some competition to Microsoft who is coming with Windows Vista this year.Lets hope for the best for all.Regards.


And where did you get this info ???When you make such posts, make sure you put the link to the original news source.. else your little "fact" doesn't quite gain the necessary credibility.


Yea, plus just slapping 3D at the end of a distro name wouldn't be that amazing... and if you just mean a 3D interface then I'm pretty sure that's been done already. I've seen fully 3D ones that go in some weird directions as well as ones that basically just make the normal gnome/kde have 3d effects and true transparencies and whatnot.I agree with m^e, drop a link


Google Galore ..

Sun wants to make Linux 3D

Aight now this news is kinda out of the box, but jeez .. wonder how cool it would be to have a 3d linux OS .. but NOT at the cost of high system req.



Very few companys would post a video demonstration about what they intend to do with linux, in a propriatry video codec that is only supported with windows codecs.this does not impress me.


Very few companys would post a video demonstration about what they intend to do with linux, in a propriatry video codec that is only supported with windows codecs.
this does not impress me.

Amen. RealMedia and Quicktime.

Sudeep Nayak

Vista sucks in front of 3D linux. Try out Sabayon (https://www.sabayon.org/) if you need proof With the introduction of Beryl, and the release of another project, LookingGlass, last month, many linux distributions are now coming with a default 3D interface which will make your jaws drop down. If you haven't tried out any of the 3d desktop based distros, you really are missing something.I installed one such linux distribution, "sabayon" (which is also currently racing up the charts in best linux distributions) a few days back and, to sum up my experience in a word, it was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Sabayon is a live CD/DVD, meaning you can directly boot into a working operating system, or install it onto your hard disk. It comes pre-configured with all the applications under the sun, and the 3D layer used in this OS is beryl. Flying windows, workspaces which are part of a cube, applications that are part of a huge flat space which you simply can't describe.. it'll drive you numb the first time you try it.Compiz is another such eye candy project which holds a lot of hope. LookingGlass, another 3d desktop initiative, seems more 3D-ish but still needs a lot of development, though the major step of releasing a working version as well as a linux based distribution (LG3D) was done in quick succession last week. Whats surprising is that all these 3d accelerated desktops target only the linux market. Though LookingGlass has a windows version, on windows it can only be used with applications that are developed with LookingGlass - which is currently a number that tends towards 0.So if you have a graphics card and love eye candy just download the latest version of any linux distribution and make sure it comes with beryl, compiz or LookingGlass. Don't miss the 3D desktop revolution! My machine: Athlon 3000+ 64 bit AM2 Asus M2N-MX with nVidia GeForce 6100/ nForce 430 I think most of the other distros will also come bundled with either of the 3d desktops from now on..


Does anyone have a screenshot of the 3D environment in Linux you're using? I'd be interested to see something before going through the process of installing a whole Linux only to find it dissapointing.


Linux has always been known to run on fairly low system requirements. Raising the hardware requirements as Microsoft did with Vista would be a stupid step to make. If the 3D goes mainstream and more popular, as Ubuntu did, more people would use it. The more people that use it the less popular and less likely developers would be to continue to code for the older hardware. I've seen it happen in my entire lifespan. Just look at the history of windows. I can't say the same for MacOS, since every version runs on pretty minimal system specs. All the way up to OS X, that is. Even OS X isn't that much of a hog.


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