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Another Hilarious Google Blunder... Check what Google thinks about Failure


Ok its pretty straightGoto https://www.google.comtype/ ´Failure' in search and press I´m feeling lucky :-)Enjoy!


Yeah, that's old stuff, but it's still interesting why it shows up as the first result Conspiracy..


Hahhaahahah.. TOO GOOD :DAwesome Captain.. keep 'em pouring in


'Blunder' implies something is wrong with this result...


hahaha thanx m^e...

hey guys try to discover some by hit and trial urself! let's get some original Xisto discoveries.... what say?

'Blunder' implies something is wrong with this result...

yeah that was to console fellow bush fans...


That's old hat. My brother showed it to me months ago. Some group flooded the google bots with tracers to that page, and exploited google's page ranking system. nicely done, though.


its old stuff


Hahaha that's pretty funny actually... It's such a blatent attack on George Bush but it is so true!At least google know what is going on in this crazy world of ours.Do you know any other of these google trick type things? Look forward to seeing some more.


This isn't a trick, but since we're on the Bush subject, I find it fitting nonetheless.

Come to think of it, there's another one you can get through the google thing:
search for "french military victories" and see what has the top listing. I'm not sure if the site is still up, as it won't load on my computer, but at least the link is there with enough of a snippet that you catch the drift.


Haha lol! It's old stuff but it's funny ...


Some group flooded the google bots with tracers to that page, and exploited google's page ranking system. nicely done, though.

The phenomenon called "Google Bombs".


Link with a lot to an address with a keyword, and google using it's algorithm will classify it higher.

Another google bomb is 'Food Nazis'



Google's response about the Bush failure thing :



Captain Jerry

'Blunder' implies something is wrong with this result...


"Blunder" implies that it's "by accident!"



Now, that was really a good laugh. I really would like to figure out how google find's this page the top ranking result for 'failure'. I suppose there's a lot of material out there on the web which relates Bush as being a failure; and that's how it happens.Am going to spend some time hunting around for more stuff like this.


Am going to spend some time hunting around for more stuff like this.

I forgot to link it before, there is an impressive list out there including greek and russian keywords


(or more specific : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google_bomb%23Ahed_Googlebombs )

My favourites :

******* edit : (word that consists of one's behind and an orifice)
****wit edit : (pretty obvious)
Food Nazis
Vreemdelingenhaat (hate for strangers)
Ληστές (thieves)

Note: these keywords do not necessarily (in fact, most probable they may not) reflect my personal political stance.

I feel like starting one about Sony and their PS3/bluray scheme.


Funny indeed but it also shows evil effect of relying heavily on Off-page factors for ranking a page in Google SERP. Also it indicates a simple SEO trick to increase your ranking in Google SERPs. Oflate though Google is suspecting IBLs more before awarding credit, still, chances for unfair gaming still remain. Regards,Sid


Well, isn't anyone concerned? I mean the US government (if they know it) and even Mr.George W. Bush!


Google is a Top-ranked search engine and i don't think the US government would wan just a (fatal) flaw in it!!! Keep up the posting, Captain!


Apparently google had nothing to do with it. They say that human people dont edit their findings or search results, this is just one of theose things! APARENTLY... sure


I would say it is ironic that that page does not include the word 'failure' in either the code or output but that didn't deter Google bombers.From that wikipedia link supplied by Alegis I found "Horrid Operating System", one of my favourites. No prizes for anyone that guesses that correctly.


Here's another funny thing on Google, but this time it was created on purpose by the Google team.


First a short intro. Douglas Adams wrote a great book called "The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy." Amongst other things, a computer had been created to tell people "the answer to life, the universe and everything". More about it can be read here. After working for millions of years, the computer just told the people "42".


Anyhow, Google decided to make a joke out of this. Clicking this link will search for "the answer to life, the universe and everything". Check out what you get


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