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My Webdesign Using Photoshop Cs2 in CS2



This is my site, from the to pto the bottom made in Adobe Photoshop CS2,
what do you think of my design? It's simplistic, but convenetiely arranged, huh?
So, tell me what you think here, if it's possibel, because my forum was down, and the place where it's now hosted, is rather slow, (the reason why i'm posting here ), so please tell me what you think!



It's a start, and you will get better with practice.

I think your best bets are to head over the http://ww.csszengarden.com/ and take a look at their resources. A site which is currently helping me out a lot in box model designs is http://www.thenoodleincident.com/ which show you the different model designs you can make rather simply.

If you're wanting the simple look (KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid) then I suggest you head down a CSS design route. It helps significantly and has a growing audience.

On the whole, you need to improve your use of images and when you use them. At the moment, it is useless the way you have them. And the red on black will only work if you use advanced effects, which lead away from simplicity.


had to focus my eyes for a second to see your design, its way to dark, but what twitch said you would have to some crazy effects to make it work just right. plus its to spread apart to look good either.Also I suggest that you make a header and footer as well to help seal it in a complete design as well.

Stephen Hart

I really love your site, it will get better with practice, I do agree.If you really want some inspiration then why not have a look at scrapbookingonline.com | it gives you tons of inspiration for your graphic side of things!!!


No offense, but the site is kind of a strain on my eyes. I mean, this is the first time that I'm conscious of having to move my eyeballs from left to right to look at the the big red boxes. Also, the color contrast is also not very pleasing to the eyes. Looks kinda dull.


If you are using photoshop, you probably can make it look a lot better. Try putting a banner on the top and changing the color of the 'Ikbenmooi.be' on the top. Also, like saint-michael said, try using a header and a footer. Change the boxes a bit. Both of them don't have to be identical. Try removing one of the boxes. You could in fact, do away with the menu box on the left and have a horizontal popup menu on the top. That way, you'll have more space for the content on the page.


You can do the exact same thing using CSS. I would seriously recommend you try a hand at CSS instead of just photoshop. Using CSS, you can make the page fit any resolution, and plenty of mouse-over effects are possible without using javascript. If you are interested, check out the CSS tutorial at w3schools.


Well your website design is good!It would have been better if you would have used better colors. According to me the designer should use those colors which are soothing for eyes...for e.g. Color of the forum. It never hurts your eyes.Dont feel bad about my comments...it is just my opinion...if you see most of the members are also saying the same thing.My suggetion : Go for light colors.


go to http://www.pixel2life.com/ and read there some tutorials on how to do some web layouts and then do one of your own and you will see some improvement on it


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