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Which Linux Is Better Among Redhat & Fedora?


I dont know which would be better? I was looking for Red Hat and they said that it was going to quite supporting Red Hat 9.Give me some feedback...


These two products are for different category of users.I don't think this is a good idea to compare these two products.In my opinion, there is no better or best, but more / the most situable.In this case, I voted for Fedora core 3 as I use it as desktop.If you are going to do some development, i recommand Red Hat Linux.It is more stable than Fedore core 3.


Well Fedora is a community project spinned off by RedHat . its NOT OWNED by RedHat any more. they just provide code/support to it and take advantage of it just like any other OSS project (X,KDE,Linux Kernel itslef) Well if you want a free community based OS its Fedora and if you want to pay for it is RHEL4 ie Red Hat enterprise Linux 4. Fedora is good for almost any thing and even devlopment . The core is fully tested. But it will not suffice for a mission critical server ..i mean you dont want to take risk running bbc.com on Fedora (btw bbc.com is the most visited site in the world some where i read)Fedora CVS is unstable not the offical core.peace


I've now been using Redhat for a month... it's pretty stable although I've had problems attaching my external Samsung CDRW. What I'm thinking of doing now is to install the OS again with the CDRW attached so that it is recognised during the installation. Also, there are a bunch of libraries missing which relate to secure communication (such the channels used for MSN).. other than that it is just rock and roll time... I've spent a lot of time getting used to the little quirks that Redhat has, but as soon as one's marginally profecint in Linux (like I like to think I'm getting) everything becomes pretty simple to understand and improve upon. Before Redhat, I tried out Debian & Fedora Core... both excellent, but unfortunately, at that time I had no clue on how to configure my internet to my service providers wireless modem, and they had support ony for Redhat... :lol:Rashid Ahmed


Thanks a lot. I've been trying to run a server off of Windows Server 2003 and I quickly found out that windows servers suck, so was planning on switching to linux.I will probably go for Red Hat for my server needs and build on that for a while...


I think it all depends on what you want. I just downloaded Fedora Core 4, and I will be installing it over the next few days. I've always enjoyed all flavors of linux, and while some have features others don't, I really couldn't put one over another except for the issue of support. I used to have FreeBSD as my primary server, with redhat and slackware on my 2 secondary servers. They all got along just fine, and I had got it to where you really couldn't tell which ver was which unless you checked.The original YungBlood!


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