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Anyone Knows How To Make A Window Sticky ?


Hii guys, Any idea on how to make a window sticky (one's that don't have that sticky option - the Pin icon, or the option for Always on Top) ?? Any registry tweaks - or any other method that actually works ?Thanks,m^e


Hi m^e, not sure if this is what you want, but take a look at this article from PC World. There is some registry edit and some changes to be made in the file associations.


Nope - not really. I came across that same page while googl-ing for this problem. But thanks anyways :lol:What I'm looking for is some registry tweak or some alternate software that will enable me to pin down ANY window of ANY OTHER software on the desktop, so that it always stays on top, till I unpin it or close that window. It's not just about sticky notes - but sticky windows in general. (Remember, how a lot of softwares come with the option - Always on Top?)


Well if you are using nvidia video card , they used to have utilities for doing such kind of things bundeled with thier drivers. (also making windows transparent etc)i dont think there would be an easy registery tweak as you would need that for each instance of a window (perhaps a utility which performs the task should suffice)why dont you just dump windows and give Linux/KDE a try ..they have all these goodies inbuilt.


why dont you just dump windows and give Linux/KDE a try ..they have all these goodies inbuilt.


hehe.. with KDE I wouldn't have to ask this question in the first place Anyways, the whole goddamned issue is about sticking my media players window on one corner of the screen so that i can always watch my fav. music videos while working... hehe.. but yea, please inform me if you guys come across any such utilities...





microscopic^earthling, you have been kept in the dark about what could be one of the best Windows apps I've ever used.


is a great little program that adds the "Always on Top" option to the control menu of each window. It also adds various other useful features--I like the priority setting, myself. I hope that's what you need; good luck! See you on It's Really Cool sometime soon!


you're really luck if you have nvidia around, the nview utility has all the solution you want, plus other cool options such as transparency, rotation, etc.


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