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Giant Squid Tons of pics...


I'm not very squeemish, but that is just friggin gross! Ugh, squid... Big ones... To each their own I guess...


ViRual: Haha. I never said they weren't disgusting as hell. Just look at the things! A huge, twisted mound of rotting fless with great big suckers and and huge eyeballs. I won't even try to discribe the smell. Let's just say that rotten fish and amonia do not mix well.


Aaaaaaaaah... The soviets are coming, the soviets are coming.

humm... maybe i do play a little too much games
(red alert 2 : http://www.ign.com/articles/2000/09/30/command-conquer-red-alert-2-2 )


THAT THING IS HUGE!! How did they capture it? I've heard of giant squids before, but never seen actual pictures of one. They're amazing looking.


I live in Washington State, USA... and they claim we have some of the largest Octopus in the world up here. The largest I've had the opportunity to see personally was just about the size of the Squid you showed in the 1st few pictures... or about 20' head to tip of legs.It is an amazing thing what Mother Nature has given our world, and the diversity! If only we were smart enough to understand even a tenth of it! *Smile*


I never seen a giant squid myself, but from some of my friends these squids are humogous. Its crazy how they grow from a 2 inch baby squid into a squid that measures over 60 feet. These squids are really fasinating. These squids are always an interesting animal to see, especially big ones. Squids seem like a ugly animal but they are a beautiful animal to see out in the ocean. The biggest squid ever caught is 65 feet in length. That seems pretty big huh?, but i think under the deep ocean the squids are much bigger than what we think they are.


Tell me about it! You mentioned giant octopi... Check this behomoth out. http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ This thing washed up on a beach and the diameter of it (arm tip to arm tip) measured about 200 feet! The body, I believe, was destroyed but the original cell samples are still preserved. Just look at the size of those suckers on it's arms.


Personally, the thought of giant squids scares the hell out of me. I don't know maybe it is from those horrible fascinations with going out into the ocean and something grabbing me from under the water.I would probably fear for my life if i had to go deep sea diving and see one of those things. Could you imagine getting up to one of those things and it just being really mad and taking it's giant tenticle and smacking you with it. I can guarantee you it would not feel good.


Me too lol, I wouldn't be going diving to see them, I'd be driving a boat in the opposite direction as fast as possible! It'd be ptty cool to see one though!


wow.. this squid is giangantic.. never believe this kind of large creeatures actually exist. eye opener..but again all kinds of creatures may exist underwater....jus that we do not find out.. interesting nevertheless.....


those are insane! Didn't even know those things grow that big. Just looking at those pics remind me of the WILDBOYS examining that huge squid, heh. Imagine making those calamaris?


with all the pics and stories i heard about giant squids i am stsing to think that ther are regular squids and then ther are giant squids and the giant squids give birth to another giant squid cuz i have seen over about 200 pic and heard about 150 stories it is scary

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