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Question About Professional 3d Animating I.E. Pixar


Replying to PloforiaRenderman is a system where it renders every single frame. Its pixar render farm, where the computer gets all the data from that one frame from the 3d software it uses. It gets every geometry every little detail in that frame and output it to an .Avi or .Mpeg format.-reply by chili


I have used a few 3D apps, but Blender and Maya are the two I know best. Neither is better than the other, though each are better at different things. Generaly, there is more detail in most of Maya's tools than in the same tool for Blender, although there are some exceptions. Don't underestimate Blender. I personally find Maya to be the better animation package, but Blender the better modeller. Maya has better shaders and texturing effects and Blender at least has its own compositor (movie mixer).I understand 3DSMax is good, not used it much more than a quick looksee.


you don't work at Pixar because there is no such thing as Maya "pro"  there is maya complete and Maya unlimited.  differences being that unlimited has fur and fluids.  

Renderman isn't an animation or modeling package its a renderer.  it renders images you made in other packages.  you can use it by yourself without a team of engineers.

 most big studios use proprietary software that they develope in house.  but they also have licenses for maya when they need to hire extra help or freelancers during crunch time.

3D is hard!  to you people who think you can pick it up in a weekend and be a pro, go find something else to do.  Because your not going to stick with 3D.  It's hard, tedious, repetitive and I love it.  But its also misunderstood.  People assume its easy because its done on a computer.  Its not. 


WHAT KIND OF COMPUTERS DO PIXAR USE?Question About Professional 3d Animating

I do not work there, but aspire to.  As a result I have done my homework on the systems and software they utilize to create their features.  Software wise, Pixar relies heavily on proprietary software called Marrionette to complete their character animation.  This is an internally developed software package and is not available commercially.  Animators who are brought in are presumably "schooled" on this program, however I cannot imagine it being much different from some of the other high-end 3D animation programs out there like 3D Studio Max or Maya.  If it were the learning curve would likely be too great.  I believe they also use other commercially available software as well, but Marrionette is the main one.

Renderman is the software they use to draw the finished frames of animation.  It is commercially available and can be purchased directly from Pixar.  The license fees are quite steep, however, and its unlikely that most individuals would be able to afford it for their own personal use.  Animation and effects houses, however, are definitely free to license it on a year-to-year basis.

Hardware wise, I believe that Pixar is using standard, off the shelf computer boards and CPUs, although they are very likely high end (ie. Opteron / I7 / Xeon) and definitely on a massive scale in the order of several thousand processor cores. As for workstations, I am unsure, however my best guess is that they would be using some pretty high end equipment in that arena as well, as anyone who has ever worked on CGI knows, that a fast stable workstation is crucial to time-sensitive and mission critical work.  Their lead animators are very likely utilizing/sharing something like a mini Cray, like the Cray CX1, which they would need if they were handling large scenes with massive polygon counts and thousands of keyframes.  Hope this sheds some light on the matter. 



how old do u have to be to be a pro animaterQuestion About Professional 3d Animating

I'm curently 14 and I really like to animat stuff I'm kinda good but I wanted to know how old I have to be to start a cerrer in it if anyone knows Please tell me thanks

-reply by richard


I'm curently 14 and I really like to animat stuff I'm kinda good but I wanted to know how old I have to be to start a cerrer in it if anyone knows Please tell me thanks

There is no real age to start a career.However, there is a philosophical problem first : your first job is to go to school, in order to get educated and obtain some diplomas : in real life you need to have some diplomas, and you have to go to school while you are young, after that your brain will not be so much able to learn things.
Secondly, if you want to be paid, your parents are in charge of your money until you are adult.
Third, while starting your new career you will face the same problem as each of us : who will trust you, who will give you your first chance?
Websites as Xisto can help you, if you can show good anime scenes, you can put them on your website; however this will not solve the real problem, this will give you a way for showing your work but you will have to find by yourself whom you have to show your work.

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