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What Image Veiwers Do You Use ?


Hey guys which iamg veiwer do you use?I use acd see because it is the powerfull tool to see images and its new version has released acd see 7.0.Now you tell me which one do you use for seeing images.ok


they all do the same thing pretty much.... i use kimage, or konqueror... whatever.


doesnt anyone use the Image Viewer which accompanies Win XP, i think it is pretty decent. or am i the only one. of course this only goes for people who have XP


Just to have a look to my images, I use the WinXP standard Viewer, but for quick modifications, I use IrfanView, for more info:

Download IrfanView

I find it very useful.


windows viewer for default, irfanview for modifications indeedand for linux, i don't remember the name. quickshow or something like that. most of the linux viewers don't have a 'previous' & 'next" function, but the one i use does... which is great hehe


hi i'm using ACD for more than 5 yearsit is easy,flaxible,and professional viewer


windows xp viewer blows because of the fact that it can't read all types of images!!!!...but yeah just look for a good one its basicly all the same thing


I use linux and when I got LINUX 10 the installation was without the best img viewerKuickshowDoes anyone know why it is off?


I'm a fan of Irfanview too. Actually with plugins it is lot more than just an image viewer. Heck it can play mp3's, show video and do operations to images. And still it is ultralight as an image viewer has to be for quick loading and shut down.


Irfran view for me as well. I used to use ACDsee, but I decided I wanted to use as much fully legit software as possible. So, I now use Irfran view. Its pure freeware, and for all the purposes I ever needed ACDsee for, its just as good, if not better.


yea....i too use Infranview. It's fast, easy, and it doesn't give me any problems at all. I don't have much use for it anymore...but it'sstill installed in my comp


anyone use picasso - the new image viewer from googleit makes a personal timeline depending on when you upload your picturesi think its great, very practical and excellent for the newer users


It really depends on what file format your photos are in. For me, I shoot RAW with my DSLR. Most image viewers are slow as tar trying to open a folder of RAW images, so I mainly stick with Canon's viewer (still slow) or Photoshop's built in viewer (slow, but PS is right there). I've used Portfolio in the past, and I generally liked it, especially with JPGs. Talk about a quick load.Anyway, ACDsee is fine, but when it comes down to it, they all do the same thing. Just pick what you like best and run with it. For me, that's Photoshop.


My favorite:
It works well on gentoo linux.


Hey guys which iamg veiwer do you use?

I use acd see because it is the powerfull tool to see images and its new version has released acd see 7.0.Now you tell me which one do you use for seeing images.



I use Aacd see too the Fastest, Most Powerful Software for Taking Control of Your Growing Photo Collection


New search, organize, edit and sharing capabilities will enhance the way photo enthusiasts manage their growing numbers of digital pictures.


System Requirements

Windows ® 98 SE, ME, 2000, XP

Pentium® III 500MHz processor or equivalent (Pentium® 4 or higher recommended)

128 MB RAM (256 MB RAM recommended)

High Color display adapter at 1024 x 768 resolution (High Color display adapter at 1280 x 1024 resolution recommended)

100 MB free hard drive space (250 MB recommended)


Purely as a viewer, I tend to use Faststone


You guys should try using Picassa too. I've got both IrfanView and Picassa installed, and Picassa of late has evolved into a really powerful viewer + picture cataloging & maintainance software. ACDSee used to be my favourite till maybe version 5. After that it's become really bulky and quite unstable too.


I use FastStone Image Viewer when I actually want to make quick changes (cropping, taking out the red-eye, adjusting contrast/colors/etc.)...but when I just want to look at the pic, I use the XP viewer.And I like the FastStone thing because it's free (check download.com) and works really well for the basic stuff that I do. (Not a graphic artist - just want my digital pix to look decent.)But when I really want to get creative, I go to my school's digital lab and use their copy of Paint Shop Pro (because I can't justify buying my own copy).


I used to use IrfanView, but it started to annoy me how glitchy it was. Plus, the icons were not all that great.At the moment, I have Fireworks as the defualt viewer (editor) for PSD and PNG. The rest are opened with the default Windows 2000 image viewer, aka Internet Explorer. On the machine I use for the Internet, I use the default viewer. There is nothing wrong with it and I find it useful and reliable (unlike so much of MS stuff).


On Windows I still use IrfanView, due to I don't need anything special, I like it, but it has some things I don't like about it.. I use the view as filmstrip and it is enough for me. On linux for pictures viewing as default I have gthumb viewer and some others, just that I had problems with some for viewing animated gifs.

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