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Flash, Mysql And Php Flash function with MySQL and PHP


Anyone know how to create a flash with action script, MySQL and PHP backend?


Sounds evil =)


yes, connecting flash to mysql is possible. but, you still have to use php script as the "middle man /connector".

i have this link for you;


Hey just so you know I have the perfect solution to what your trying to do.

From the lesson I just took at http://www.gotoandlearn.com/

there is a little movie to the left that says PHP FLASH and Sql.

I just followed and did everything he did on the movie and I got it up and going.

A flash file thats reading a php file that requesting from the db and then printing the info
into an xml file. its pretty sweet and def worth checking out i just to see the .php file when the src
is viewed is actually a xml file. very sweet.

Hope this helps dude.

PHP on!!!

Justin Often Lost


There is a flash php dll, http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ even though it says 4.something, I would recommend getting 5.something, 3 is latest.


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