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Can We Add Dl On Your Hosting


I am new so i want 2 ask this i no on the Xisto hosting u can have downlodsbut can u have them on this website?? get back to me if u can


er..? Downloads..? *sighs hopelessly*just upload something to your website, and link to it, click the link.. and you'll download it.By the way, I think it would be better for you to get hosting at Xisto, and not here. This place is for people who have more of a clue..


U no i have not been on this site varry long but it seams some ADIMNS ARE A LITLE BIT RUDE not pointing any fingers at any 1


Not really, we're assisting you and telling you off for where you're ignoring the rules. We're even helping you, but you seem to misunderstand, or think we're attacking you.


I realise I am new, and I don't want to be as rude as this 'ADMIN' has been to you, but as far as I can see, he seems to have the right. Have you ever been educated? Have you ever even heard of grammer? I suppose that 'U' = you and that 'no' = know 'varry' = very 'seams' = seems 'LITLE' = little and '1' = one. hmmm, it doesn't seem that your a complete moron, so could you please take the time and care to correct your god damned mistakes? again, I do not mean to be rude but you should educate yourself and become a better and more tolerable person, so that even if you don't feel better about your speech the rest of us won't want to throttle you.


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