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Break Ups


My boyfriend and I have split and I am almost 9months pregnant. We had an argument about some things I saw on his facebook page which really hurt me and had me confused. I fussed him out and got real emotional on him. We have been together for 2 years and it has been rocky from the start. I love him and I thought we were going to get married one day. When we argued about the facebook page and his inappropiate beavior up there we talked and everything was fine, and then the next day he fliped and had an attitude with me like I did something. Now he is saying he is tired of the uneccessary drama and he is ok and wants to leave. We have argued inthe past before and worst than this but I dont understnad the change of heart in one day. One day he apologized and all thenthe next he mad at me for no reason. He always blames me for our arguments and everything that has happened in our relationship and he doesnt feel like he never does anything or says anything to make the situation worst. Now all of a sudden he wants out for good but last week I meant the world to him. Now he doesnt want me at his house, and he doesnt want my kids staying there wither. He doesnt have much to say to me and it seems like i have to bend over backwards to talk to him about this baby. After all we have been through he waits until our baby is due at any time to leave me and it hurts bad. I have tried to tell him I never wanted to break up I just wanted to discuss the issues and move on from it because they really hurt me. I dont know what to do and I dont want to stress my baby out but my heart is broken. He told me if he gets the opportunity to meet someone else already and date and have sex he will not hestitate because I will be hurt, so I dont know why all of a sudden he wants out, but all before we argue about things and move on from it. should I give up and just let him go and get over it or wht?


What a damn shame you got pregnaunt before you found out what an *BLEEP* he is. You can't make him care about you if he doesn't. This is a very sad situation any way you look at it. I hope things work out for you.


I really do feel sorry for you to have to realise that your boyfriend does not care for you, after you are pregnant. On the contrary, he should be more affectionate toward you and should be prepared to accept that you would be more demanding of him during your pregnancy.I am not really an advocate of break-ups and would advice you to sit down and talk to him, perhaps in a coffee shop or over ice cream or something that you both enjoy having. Use it as an opportunity to bond and re-establish the good times that you had together. Avoid having to say anything negative or responding to anything negative that may come from him. Use it as an opportunity to forgive and forget rather than a moment to resolve past conflict and see how things go if you avoid bringing up discussions about the rocky past for a couple of days.A relationship takes effort to maintain and I know it may seem unfair for you to be putting in the effort, but somebody has got to do it and you should feel good to know that you are the one taking the initiative to make it work.


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