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Love whether a girl loves me or not


I'm a 19 yr old guy doing my engineering ... i love a girl a lot ... we have been friends for long .. i had proposed to her six months ago n she said that she was not interested in love and did not accept it .. but these days she cannot stay without talking to me on phone even for a day .. in class she keeps looking at me but when i find that out, she looks at some other person as if to know that she's nt looking at me ... she cannot talk to me when we meet in the way when she talks over phone .. she knows that i love her a lot ... but does not say anything about her feeling towards me ... if i do not talk to her for a day then she starts shouting at me ... wats ur opinion guys about this ??


In my opinion she definitely likes you, *if yur reading* I've had a similar experience, just watch for a bit and see if yu can make a move


Well, sounds to me like she does care a lot about you at least. Maybe she was just scared off a little by you proposing. Give her some time, keep seeing each other and see what happens. Your still young, you have lots of time, and no use rushing into something as permenent as marriage if your both not 100% completely ready for that kind of commitment.


I say she just didn't know how to react as she may have been considering you but never really thought you would've asked, yea, just stick to it, i know how you feel


Well, I think she doesn't like you but your her right hand guy. I have a bunch of those, then it really bothers me when they get a gf because I'm 2nd place, not that I am new to 2nd place, sadly , but if you get a gf that you actually care about (of course) see if your friend jealousy doesn't increase. If she is a:Good friend-her reaction should be happy for you, but on the inside she might be slightly jealousVery good friend-Her reaction will seem happy but some jealousy traits will show uplikes you-she will seem happy but will stop calling you, and talk to you in a ruder additude.Good luck!


I think she cares you a lot and she is very possessive on you. these all are nothing but because of love towards you but due to some problem, she ant reveal her love to you. so,. u just try to find out what is the reason that prevent her from accepting your love and try to solve it, and the success will be yours.Good luck


Let me get this straight. You have known this girl for a long time and when you express your love to her, she turns you down but she keeps talking to you and has a certain kind of attraction toward you.I would say that if you want up to her again, she would turn you down just as she did the first time. This is not because of a fear of commitment or because she swings with a different kind but rather because of social norms. People in all parts of the world and people in all parts of a particular society do not think alike and that is exactly what is at play here. She seems to come from a more conservative culture and for her going against those social norms is something that she is not prepared to do nor should you expect her to try to break out of the norms that have been established over years and years of social interaction. Going against the norms of society is traumatic and to put her through the stress and pain is just wrong.You should just let things be and simply remain good friends because why should you want to ruin something that you have going for you?


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