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Which forums are the best so far? I know IPB is great but costs too much. And phpBB is great and free. Which do you think are the best?


i like invisionfree forum. similar to IBP, but free.


I don't really like InvisionsFree's bad layout. But thats just my opinion.


Invision == Best AdministratiosPHPBB == Best design/skinsI prefer PHPBB.


I prefer XMB, i'm using it right now and it's really great!Ofcourse ipb has a lot of features and is very powerful..lots of opportunities and stuff..so it's better for bigger communities but the layout is kinda rough for me and it's also expensive..phpbb is very easy and has lots of templates and so on.. there aren't very many features and it finally bored me..it's better for smaller communitiesat the moment i like xmb the best, i can make my own themes there and it has more features that phpbb...and it looks good too..the plus of phpbb and xmb is that they're free and easy to use.. but if you want to have really a huge control over the members and want to make a really big community then choose ipb...but if you want a smaller community and just a nice forum then choose xmb or phpbb


I'm a great advocate of PHPBB, but really, it comes down to which interface you like best. And when modded enough, each forum is exactly like every other. I suppose out-of-the-box, IPB does have the most admin-control, but you can get most of it on PHPBB with certain mods. Also, another downside to paid forums like IPB, is without paying, you cannot easily get the latest version with all the bug/security fixes. (There is an old version of IPB in Fantastico.)


I Think BB is not Secure but its freebut IPB is secure but Is not freeBB has nice skin and IPB has not good skinBB has many hacks for Mods and IPB has tooIPB has Good Forum and user permission but bb has notIPB has Good Mod but BB has not good modsBut I Like to User VB 3.0.6


I don't really like InvisionsFree's bad layout. But thats just my opinion.


There are various sites which give you the css and html to change the default skin. Check out this site.



If Skin Zone[


I had never installed a web site till early hours of this morning (i build wap/mobile) sites.My choice was myBB and im very impressed. A member here recommended it as i posted asking for one with similar layout etc to this forum.Its perfect for me! I also added a shoutbox, image resizer, public ban notice, welcome message and i think every interesting mod i could find pmpl, it was extremly simple to install and also were the mod's! I spent more time playing with the options than installing (took me half hour uploading from a cell phone) ;-)


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