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Plese Give Me Good Advice..... help..................


hi friends..am tejas .am last year studenr of BE .(engineering)..i am in a relationship with a girl from last 5 years...we love each other a lot..this is not a u know just attraction ot like time pass..we r damn serious about our relationship..we both are educated..we both knew our limits..we are matured..she is just the best for me...but 2 days ago ..dont know what happened to us?we got caught by our parents..my family is big presige..my parents are god for me..just like for everyone...they dont think i shuld do this love marriage?in my whole family all are against love marriage..we are big ones of our town..also she is some what relative to em..but still its ok..she js having her family problems,personal problrms...even though she is with me,, she knows me..she said u leave me ..but i cant..and also she..we cant brakuup..is is possible to forget 5 yrs relation in just 1 day?i also respect my parens,..their thoughts..i cant fool them//i am having good future..they think i am spoiling my carrer..but i dnt..thet even cant think of my marriage with that girlshe is ok with this..because she cant go agianst her parents also..she loves me a lot .....i know..i am planning that i will talkk to my parents after 2 years..in these 2 years i will get settled..i will get my career upword..i will work hard and prove myself...we have decided this.....we both..let say this is our real exam of LOVE,...please suggets me help me ...thnks 0


you already posted about this in another thread....what's wrong with you....


yeah you did and we answereed you. wht you tryna do by double posting like that.


Keeping close to your girl. There is not anything more important in the world than the love. So maybe your family is against you but in some years they will finally accepting her because they will see that even thougth years you are still together and that is real love. So that is my advice and I don?t know if this is re-post.


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