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Fireworks Problem Fireworks problem


I find that fireworks runs very slowly in PC.Is this due to CPU speed or the program itslef.My photoshop runs quite fast on my PC running the fireworks too.I am running on WIN XP PRO, 1GB RAM, with 2 HDD.thanks


ok first of all what do you mean by running slowly, is this during the program or the start up? because if its during the program i think there could be something wrong with the software and its not really compatible with your computer. Because i have similar specifications to your computer and my fireworks is fine. it runs very smoothly and it starts up fast as any other program. Try to reinstall if that doesnt work take the cd back to the shop and ask for an exchange or support.


If you are having problems while running the software, a number of possibilities are out there. there could be certain compatibility issues with your video card, if you've got one, and if you don't then that could very well be the problem. This problem would also depend on how many other programs you are running simultaneously and how much CPU power each of them requires (in other words - how much memory). Also, if by some very minute chance you obtained the software illegally, the executable or other software components could be corrupted or otherwise contaminated by a trojan or other type of virus. I would recommend scanning the program's directory with a virus scanner first, if not your whole hard disk. Then I would check to see if any other programs are running. You might also try to obtain Spybot Search & Destroy and scan your computer with that and eliminate spyware if it exists on your computer. If none of those work, I would simply suggest re-installing a fresh, clean copy of the program into a different directory than you did the first time. At least then you'll know if it was just a bad install or there is some other underlying problem.


Mmmm... In fact Fireworks runs faster in my computer than Photoshop. I think last one spends more time loading.


In Fireworks, we enter or select a number in the Colors pop-up menu on the Optimize panel to set the maximum number of colors allowed in the color palette of the exported image. Sometimes, we should set a specific number of colors for the color palette of a GIF image and then later find in an image editing program that the actual number of colors exceeds the number that we have set in Fireworks.


Mmmm... In fact Fireworks runs faster in my computer than Photoshop. I think last one spends more time loading.


Of course as PS is a much complicated program. My point is when working with bigger images, fireworks tends to slows down after working with it for sometime and the speed in manipulating images is much slower than in PS.


Fireworks do have it's strong points in creating web graphics. Is there a way in Windows to make Fireworks work faster? Or just have to wait till MM improved its speed.


I still before MX2004, fireworks was a real slow program.


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