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Well, i really don't want a useless domain when i get one from here so can anyone specify any Website ideas? Here's what it's limited to:-Entertainment-Gaming-Guides-Social InteractionI don't want anything dealing with like sports and stuff. I'd appreciate any suggestions that follow from the categories above , Thanks


I really don't get what your referring to... do you want ideas for a Domain or a Website which you will develop? And those categories are WAY too broad... there are literally millions of possibilities. Try to narrow it down to something that you like and start from there.


So what topic interests you the most? what topic should be dealt with in a website? that is the topic you should write about yourself.


I agree with the last post. The best one and the one you should make is the one you like the most. If you aren't passionate about the subject it's going to show pretty clear. So don't listen to others if they tell you which one(s) to go with; you're the only one that knows.


Like what inea said, go make a site on what you're interested in. Sure, making a site about something that's popular like the latest movie or a top anime would fetch you some traffic, but it wouldn't last long unless you actually like what you're doing. Find something you're comfortable with and something that you actually wouldn't mind maintaining in the long run. If you have some online friends, you could collaborate with them in making your site, because the more members you have on the site, the longer it could last too.This is what I did with my own site; rounded up my friends, talked with them on what we wanted to do and did it.That's pretty much it.And, word of advice: Don't make a site for "Social Interaction". There's already sites like Facebook for that and I don't think people would join. Go with a specific thing (maybe a gaming site) and well, any site already includes the interaction aspect.


Maybe something that leverages existing communities to join. Making it useful for them to join. It's probably better to target clumps of people rather than individuals, though going the individuals route isn't bad either, building your visitor base one person at a time. I guess eventually it all just picks up?


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