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Wordpress/drupal Plugin Ideas, Anyone?


Hi!I was wondering if anyone has an active WordPress blog or Drupal site for which they're looking for simple custom plugins to do something specific. If you've got the idea, I can code it and have it put up for you if it isn't too time-consuming.This isn't a work-for-pay, but is rather work that can be given away to the open-source community when it is complete. You design it, I develop it, and we give it away to the thousands of people out there who may be looking for it.


hmmm it seems an interesting thing. but could you please explain a little bit more. i was thinking of the plugin thing also but i don't know from where to start. and i have a blog, my cms is wordpress. and even if i can't do anything i will be happy to help in anything i can. just tell me more about it or pm me please.


Here are some ideas for you:1. Banner rotator plugin- Adding this plugin should allow user to put banner ad of his choice (size, code, placement etc). Banner could be static or rotated as per his wish. This plugin could save lots of pain which we take while installing and using Free OpenX script or other paid plugin. There are some banner rotators for free but those plugins don't go well with all the themes, so this should be theme independent. 2. Membership Site Plugin - There are many free and paid available already so you can see where they lack and improve on it. This type of plugin is most searched for or downloaded.3. Job Board Script - Allow users to signup under reader or user role and with administrative permission allow them to post jobs on that respective section. Announce and expire jobs as per the settings. These two plugins are in need by publisher. There are some other plugin ideas as well. I mean plugins that allow users to sort the data on blog without losing the look and feel of the blog. (I mean RSS and other data manipulation). Content fetching from other sites etc. The plugin feature that i want desperately is : Forum integration with wordpress. Let me explain. We have good forums like SMF, Vanilla and PhpBB but they lack good CMS. So adding a bridge between them can be useful. I am not sure how much help you get from smf or phpbb but try bridging vanilla and wordpress. That will be good plugin in itself. This plugin should do something like this. An option at the post section that allows author to create a thread in forums with the post title and 2-3 first sentence with linkback. This will create community easily with this bridge. I hope you'll find these ideas useful.


I like the job membership. Like... There's a daily pay box for them and it adds up and stuff. there's already a membership plugin. what about game stats plugins and perhaps a forum but i doubt that'd be possible.


Hi!@mahesh2kThank you for the project ideas.I believe the banner rotator is the simplest to put together - it can be put up with a short code within the theme, but it would have to be setup to work with individual themes because some themes may treat the banner as an in-post image therefore would apply inappropriate CSS formatting.Membership plugins are typically coupled with a payment system. It's time-consuming to implement support for the common payment gateways out there, but supporting Paypal alone would be relatively simple.A job board script would need to considerably change the look for the site to appear as a job board, because most page templates are geared toward displaying article content. Perhaps an IFRAME would fit in?


Take a look on this following Links:

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LoginRadius plugin for Drupal that provides social login as well as Social Login for WordPress plugin.


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