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View The Pages Visited Via My Computer In Internet? Any way to keep a track on the pages visited.


Hey all, i am having a 15 yrs small brother and i want to keep a track on the sites he visits. I think he does some kinda illegal stuff not allowed in our country. Is there any addon for firefox or any other software which will keep a track on the pages visited from my computer. He uses firefox as well as IE 6. So can you name any addon which can be integrated in firefox and keep a record of the pages and also can only be deleted by the person knowing the password. or any software which can do this thing like keeping the record of the pages visited (if possible duration also) and can mail to my email id or will keep in the comp unless and until i login with the password and it will show the pages and records of the sites visited but only to the one who knows the passwords and it shouldnot be deleted by anyone without knowing the password. it should work silently and he should notice its running in the background. I dont want to block the pages but want to see what kind of pages he visits.I hope you all got what i meant to say! So is there any addon or software which can do this work for me!thank you very much.


i don't know if this can help you or not, it is a way of tracking sites from cookies in many browsers http://www.ehow.com/info_8452692_computer-cookie.html


and these are add on firefox, check it http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


this is a useful programs for tracking websites on your local computer

check this also http://all-spy.com/process/route/1576837425.html?refresh=noscript


i really wish you good luck with this, it is very important to keep an eye on your younger brother. teens really can do stupid things sometimes and need a guide in their lives, good luck.


I'll be honest - I think you're going about this the wrong way. Not only is that sort of monitoring actually borderline illegal in many countries, it doesn't solve the problem. If you believe he's visiting illegal sites then talk to him about it and explain the risks - many ISPs will cut you off if you visit a lot of illegal sites, along with the fact he could get prosecuted for it. If that doesn't work you could also speak to your parents about it and they can then talk to him about it.


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