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Need Help With Controlling Brightness And Contrast Of Tft need a software that can do this


I just bought a Samsung TFT. Good part is that it has great contrast ratio 50000:1 (dynamic) and a good response time (2ms). Bad part is , it has some touch LED buttons. I can't seem to get it to work in a single try. Takes about 2-3 tries on the button to register the touch :angel: At first I thought I am the only one, but thats with all the monitors( Samsung P2250). Can someone suggest a software that can be used to change the brightness and contrast of the monitor. I have to keep switching between a high brightness (for games) and low brightness (for text and internet surfing). Its quite frustrating if you try it the first time


.Hi Blue Dragon!A lot of firms market gaming monitors and high-end monitors for graphic designers, but for the average Joe Schmoe, as long as it look cool and is slim enough to fit on a desk, it turns into an object of desire. Apparently, the touch interface is the most hot and happening thing right now so notebook PC manufacturers are implementing the touch interface in the volume control and the wireless network on/off switch.I know exactly what you mean when you mention about the frustration of being unable to adjust the monitor brightness. I have a hard time getting my HP Compaq 6710b laptop to register a touch against the volume control to get it to increase or decrease the volume by more than one notch at a time. It is supposed to detect swiping motion, but it doesn't seem to be working for me.A possible solution to your problem would be to use software to control the brightness of the monitor. If you have Microsoft Windows 7 installed, you can click the Start button, go to the Control Panel, double-click on the Power options icon to open the control panel applet for power setting adjustment. While on this applet page, the bottom of the screen should display a slider that you can use for adjusting the brightness of your screen - sliding it should set the brightness of your monitor. If you don't have the slider or if the slider does not work, you might have to install device driver software for your monitor... this can either be from a disc supplied by the manufacturer/store when you bought the monitor, or can be downloaded online from the Samsung support website.Some keyboards have a button that controls the brightness of your monitor, the volume level, launchers for pretty much every kind of Internet application under the sun, and have a set of power off, standby, and sleep keys. iBall sells one of these - a cousin has one of these and the little ones, my niece and my nephew, keep turning off the computer while pushing the shiny silver buttons for power off or standby.I often accidentally tap on the wireless network adapter on/off switch, which is conveniently located above the F4 key on the keyboard. Folks who use the Alt and F4 shortcut to close windows, or the Control and F4 shortcut for closing tabs would probably feel the frustration, especially while in the middle of a download.


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