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.htaccess Wordpress On Windows Hosting? [resolved]


Hi does anyone have a working .htaccess on a Xisto windows based account they'd, like to help me with. I need one where some permalinks options are coded in (it doesnt matter what they are).?I have been trying to get a few versions of .htaccess files working on the / root folder of my account with no success. (i copied it in ascii mode, with proper permissions set to it). Are there any critical files which .htaccess relies on to function properly that are in the same folder?Does anyone know if the windows based accounts from Xisto provide mod_rewrite, mod_deflate, mod_gzip functionality? I know its an obvious question but i thought id ask just in case....?


If I didn't know any better, htaccess is Apache based directive. So if you are in Windows server environment you have to have Apache installed. Perhaps the reason it's not working is that your server does not have Apache running.

Windows server runs its own web server, usually IIS. And this requires different type of directive to make permalink work.

Windows IIS does not support mod_rewrite module for rewriting URLs, if you are running WordPress on Windows IIS,whenever you try to use Permalinks, you always get something like this:


In this case, visit Wordpress URL rewriting in IIS

For Apache htaccess visit Wordpress URL rewriting in Apache


Haha! yes i think your right buffaloHelp, i think my windows server "is" IIS. I had a vague idea that may have been what the issue was but no one i had asked had really acknowledged this.I have inquired with Xisto to see if they can change my account to the Linux based logic plan, so i can get up and running with word press. Otherwise they will have to install plugins on their end but also the Linux based plans just seems easier to deal with. I don't require asp.net, i only got the account because i couldn't find any similar priced plan that offered 10GB bandwidth at the time i.e the logic plan, i still think they need to clean up their site more. Many thanks to you buffaloHelp, i have been saved from a BIG headache.


Sometimes I thank god that I didn't know any better when I started to learn web programming. Linux and Apache were just given to me and I had to learn "it." But looking back it was the blessing in disguise.Apache is a wonderful web server. And Apache and Linux being 99% free, instead of costly Windows OS with clunky IIS, it's so much easier to acquire and develop web pages. But I guess people who paid for Windows server have to stick to it to show cost to benefit numbers. I sometimes feel sorry for corporate purchasing guys.Okay then. Topic is resolved and closed.Please PM any moderator to continue this discussion. Until then, this topic is closed.


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