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Do You Use Rhythmbox?

The Simpleton

I've been using Ubuntu for almost a year now and I'm surprised I didn't use Rhythmbox till today! Until now I was completely happy with VLC so I didn't try out other players at all. But today after doing a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10, I felt a bit lazy to install VLC but wanted to listen to some music so i decided to try out the in-built Rhytmbox. Before I could add any of my own music tracks, I got distracted by "Magnatune" and "Jamendo" in the player. I opened them and was blown away by the choice of music over there! I'll be honest - not all of these tracks are good, but they're good enough for passing the time, and that's what I need while doing something like posting on trap, writing mails, etc. I was wondering why I didn't discover this before.Now that I have, I'm going to have a lot of fun with it. Does anyone here use Rhythmbox for this feature too?


You used VLC for music? I don't think it's really meant for that At least, I wouldn't consider it an audio player. Does it even have a database? Rhythmbox is okay, but I prefer something a bit more light weight. I've only tried a few but Sonata seems to work nice. Light weight, good database searching features. Another excellent audio player that doesn't need music player daemon running is cmus. Yes, it's a command line app. It has good features, it has multiple modes, and best of all - it's ultra fast! I don't think either of these have Jamendo or Magnatune..whatever they are, but oh well. I use one of those two, depending on how I feel. Sometimes a CLI audio player is too much for me and opt for the GUI.I've heard good things about kde's music software..Amarok is it called? I can't remember, but it sounds more powerful than R.B. I'm not too interested in organizing my songs anymore, there was a time when I was obsessed with tagging and addnig album art to every album I had, but now I just play the songs


I don't use Rhythmbox; i've grown a bit tired of media players that have a complex layout. I've left Amarok, though it is a really decent music player, because of its complexity. Amarok also connects to Magnatune and Jamendo and others. I've also lost interest in the ones that have a similar layout to Winamp 2. I have tried out many music players in search for one that can play the formats i use and that has a simple-enough layout. So far Muine fits my needs—although, i don't really like how it imports music, but that is easy to work around.

The Simpleton

You used VLC for music? I don't think it's really meant for that tongue.gif

Well it loads fast, and it has an option to load an entire directory into the playlist, so I just load some music directories and the music keeps going on continuously - that's enough, isn't it?!


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