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What Does The "contribute" Software Do? It is on Internet Explorer 8 on my new PC laptop...


So... I was just browsing along the websites getting annoyed at my new PC lenovo laptop because it was blocking basically everything that I found a "Post to Blog" button on the toolbar, and after clicking it, I found a new program called "Contribute" on my computer...I believe that is is from the same company as Photoshop's creator, because it has basically the same icon as Photoshop on my Macintosh computer, except for the fact that it has "Ct" instead of "Ps" on it... and it has something to do with blogging. Now, normally, I don't think that the government will want a blogging software on our computers, especially if we are to blogging at school which we are meant to be doing something else... but anyway... this software cannot, however, be found on my menu button at the bottom of the taskbar on a Windows server (see, I'm used to a Mac), bust since it is accessable...Does anyone know how to use it? It would be great if I could blog at school and all that using this feature, and it looks very good, but I am scared of touching anything in case I break anything or something like that. I just can't believe how I can accidentally find this soft ware. I even search for this software on the Control Panel search thing and it didn't show up, so it's a surprise really, as to how it can open for me to use...But anyway, the program is (Adobe) Contribute... ring any bells?


There is a piece of software called Adobe Contribute: http://www.adobe.com/products/contribute.html
It looks like it allows you to edit a website directly in your browser, without having to type HTML, and leave comments for other editors of the site. However, I assume it would only work if you set your site up to use it, or designed your site specifically to work with it.

So, it won't break anything (it is a piece of software released by Adobe) and is worth a shot. Whether your government-managed Lenovo will let you run it is another matter, but it's worth a shot.


Coooool....OK, thanks for the reply. Well, I have only managed to get my bought domain onto my cPanel as a Parked Domain only today, and it will take around two days to get it properly processed and up and running, so I think that I should be fine... I might check into the Adobe Contribute program though, it sounds very interesting and it certainly looks very useful, I have opened it up though I haven't dabbled in everything around yet...but what I first have to figure out is how to upload and take down files and folders into my cPanel and how to delete them and all that, as well has even if I figured out how to upload them, I still have to find out how I can make sure that it is in the "Public" folder and no where else. But I suppose that will have to go into another thread...


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