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Traffic With Entrecard


I found entrecard widget box on most of the blogs. Bloggers are using this widget to drive traffic to their blogs. It works something like this: You signup with your website details and then copy entrecard code on you blog. It?ll show 125x125 banner on site. Or the size you?ve chosen for yourself. Now it?s time to earn entrecard credits. To earn credits you?ve to go to campaign area. In this area you?ll find many blogs categorized as per niche. You?ve to visit those blogs and click on drop link of the widget hosted on these blogs. For each drop click you?ll get entrecard credits. You can use entrecard credits to advertise your site on another site. Or you can use entrecard credits to buy traffic for yourself. These credits are transferable so you can give out these credits to other website. They can use it for buying traffic for their site. Initially you need 16 credits to get advertisement on widgetbox. This is good system for new blogs and for blogs which have lower traffic. But there are also few issues with it. Some of the issues i?ve noticed are :1. It is very slow process to earn entrecredits as it requires browsing lot of blogs to earn them. 2. You can buy entrecredits but if you?re on low cash then this is problem for you.3. Many entrecard users cheat the system by removing widget, so others simply visit their site but unable click on drop button.4. Entrecard has lot of poor blogs which are not good to trade traffic with. Anyway, these are my observations. If you?ve experience with this, then do post about it here. Also anybody knows alternative to entrecard ? ( Except mybloglog, google scoial toolbar ).


Ive tried it but it didnt work.On the otherhand I have asked other people I know and it did not sure what happened there.Phoneix.


I'm trying it these days. I heard that it might work with some new blogs. I don't know how to get out of this system,so asking others what they think. There are plenty of reviews about entrecard. But most of the reviews are either mixed or negative cause they are tried by high traffic sites. I'm of opinion that widgets like myblog,google social toolbar and entrecard are not suitable for high traffic but for new and growing sites. Let's see how many T17 members tried it or want to try it to increase their traffic. I'm open to hear suggestion for increasing traffic and widget usage for that purpose.

In this post of pureblogging, i've found a bit of mixed review. And some of the points are positive.


I am a past entrecard user and I think entrecard isn't that great. But I can give advise if you want to use the system.In advertising and placing you banner in their site, if you know good sites who use entrecard then bookmark the site. If don't then try to search good blogs with entrecard on their system. dropping is another matter. You can just drop to any blog that has the entrecard widget.


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