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Good Website For Finding Linux Apps?


Is there a website out there where you can search or browse for Linux applications? The Synaptic package manager is alright for downloading, but it's not the greatest way to browse software and it doesn't have everything. I'm looking for something like Download.com or Tucows (is that still around?) but with a focus on applications made for linux. A website with reviews and download counts or something.


You COULD use the Add/Remove Programs feature...


I actually think you would be doing all right with Add/Remove Programs. I think the database is a bit outdated here and there, but you can sort things by popularity, and if you have questions, Google is your friend. You can also look up "best Linux applications" and that search will turn up some decent downloads, but there are so many choices that it can't hurt to try them out to see what you like best. So far, I've tried this method to find games and good programs and I'm content with what came installed with Ubuntu 9.04 and the games I snagged... although I'm not going to really use Ubuntu for any hardcore gaming. At least not on the ancient brick that I'm running it on.

The Simpleton

I'd recommend the sourceforge - It's a site full of open source software, not just for linux but also for windows. I've found a lot of useful lnux apps on that site.And it has a similar interface as download.com. I found that a lot of developers put their apps on sourceforge instead of their own servers. This will tell you that the site is very reliable I hope you find something interesting over there!


You can also look at websites such as OpenDesktop.org and the Linux section of Softpedia. I normally just search the repository. If there's not enough information on the program in the repository, i see if there's a website in the description or search for it on Google and see if i'd be interested in installing it. If all else fails, i just code my own.


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