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Who Dvd Player Is The Best?


Well because i am not sure who is the best from these 5 programs i decided to make vote poll. Now i am using DVD X Player but i don't know maybe im wrong with my choice. Vote, so we can use the best


Hi!I've always been using WinDVD because it came included with just about every computer that I bought. I noticed that the DVDs/VCDs that caused Windows Media Player to hang worked perfectly with WinDVD so I made the switch. I've tried PowerDVD once but didn't find anything unique about it. I've not tried any of the others that you've listed in the poll.Regards,Nitin Reddy


i'm gonna have to go with none of the above on this one. a program that does this and more, that i install on all my comps is VLC. its a nice lightweight client that works across all platforms. Windows and Ubuntu i know for certain, dont know about Mac but i dont see why not it doesnt. why have numerous programs for certain purposes when u can install one program that can handle it all?


A lot of whom is using PowerDVD as it's quite powerful, but sometimes VLC is just enough to watch HD videos for me, if for some reasons it doesn't work or doesn't show the video as it should, I open it with Quick time alternative and am using K-Lite Codec Pack? I guess it also works as DVD player, but I just don't know about the menus and etc. like on a real hardware DVD player.


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