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What Does It Mean If A Girl Tell Her Boyfriend That She Already Had Sex With Other Guy? Is this possible, especially in country where it is a taboo?


What does it mean if a girl tells her boyfriend that she had sex with other guy when he is far away from her? They live in a country where it is a taboo. Is it possible for a girl to tell about her sexual relationship with other guy to her partner? What does it mean? Can it be possible?


Either:a. She is feeling guilty and wants to confess, i.e. she actually did it.b. She doesn't want to be with her current "boyfriend" and wants to dump him, so she tells him she did it (whether or not she actually did it).If she is conservative / traditional, she probably wants to just break it off and hasn't actually done anything.Regards,z.


she's guilty.. best way to go with girls like this is leave em, they will definetly do it again!or maybe she wants two guys the same time?


Funny but no, just means she likes to have fun and experiment with guys, i guarantee you this girl is young. She might not know much but i am thinking her bf didn't satisfy her much or she wanted to try new things, or lost feelings for her bf, feeling guilty. Any of the above might be you will never know a girl unless your the one causing the drama.


just guilty and she can not live with the guilt. I usually warn my girlfriends that if they cheat that the end with me usually because after they do it , they think that if they just apologize it's all good.Or she's just messing around but i don't think it's that because she would have told you something in the next 5 min that it was a joke or something like that


For all the responses that assume she is guilty, I would just mention that what exact country she is from will have a pretty big impact on this. There are countries where holding hands with someone you're not married to can result in imprisonment, fines and worse. Having grown up in a place where kissing in public was frowned upon and there were periodic rallies by a major national political party for more "appropriate" behavior in the face of falling morals, I would say that making that assumption is not a given. After all, not everyone has the same attitude towards sex as the US / Western Europe.Regards,z.


zakaluka nailed it right on the head. Two choices presented by zakaluka are basically it.Whatever the case, a girl who kiss and tell is not the girl you want to have relationship. A girl that's so immature that she cannot say what she means but instead tells ambiguous shocking news is going to be wanting nothing but attention for the rest of her life--unless she changes.Sound like you're at a young age, melbourneboy. The beauty about being young is that this girl is not the only girl for you. So you got hurt. And she is cruel for saying that. You'll get over it--I promise. We all do at some point. The key is when will be that time for you to just say, 'da hell with it I deserve better than her'?There is something precious about open and honest talks between a couple. But something like this has only one reason--to provoke a response in favor of her's.


I personally don't accept such nonsense. If you do it behind my back, then don't tell me, don't let me find out.I like to keep a relationship clean, the minute a chick tells me such crazy stuff I then lose all confidence and trust.At least your chick should not tell you if she does sleep with someone else..I think, no matter how guilty she may feel


Thats means that girl wants to play with boys and she already have played with you and gone to play with others.I think this is the main problem of this isn't it?coolarjun pun


The funny thing is in this case neither the boy or girl is wrong but it is the situation which was wrong for both of you. Simply saying that the girl wanted to get rid of the guy or wanted to fool with others is mean. Considering that both the girl & boy are teenagers be it early or late teens, you guys are completely controlled by your hormones, lifestyles, peer pressure, zits & anxiety/depression. I am also assuming that you guys were having a long distance relationship when she cheated... My best friend who was in a long distance relationship once told me that she cheated on her guy not because she wanted to do it or because she did not love her guy, it was because she was missing the "warmth". She was extremely insecure and clingy so she could not handle the distance, she snapped and had an affair with a random guy. Later she regretted it and told her guy about the whole thing, it sort of brought their relationship back to square 1 but he helped her get over her insecurities and now the two are married. She was 26 when this happened, just shows you that it happens to adults too.Luckily both were mature in this situation but my advice to you would be to simply take a break. Let her decide whom she likes but do not be the rebound guy because she is bound to cheat again if she does not feel loyal to you. Ask her whether the distance and loneliness bugs her a lot. And let me ask you this, when has "taboos" ever prevented some one from doing something they wanted? If that was the case then there would never be teen pregnancies ever. Best of luck!


Personally, I think that is very honorable thing to do. It is saying that hey look this isn't my first time, the guy I did it with isn't with me anymore, and there is a small possibility I could have contracted a disease, well not really small, but very very small, but still its the right for the other partner to know. On the side of the guy though, I don't think it is necessary or very smart idea to tell a girl you have had sex with x amount of women, I think it is the partner's job to say that you have had sex before, but thats as far as it needs to go.The girl might be still feeling attracted to the other guy or have some small feeling for him in this case. Although, I don't really think it is a huge deal. She might be feeling guilty about something, maybe she just wanted to get it off her chest that she has. Doesn't make her a ****, but I would think she is honest. Definatly wouldn't make me want to get with her more, if not less, but still. I think you can get my point.


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