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any free serial code for macromedia flash 2004? free serial code wanted


hi all,i have been wondering if there is any website through which i can get a free serial code for unlocking macromedia mx 2004 and dreamweaver mx 2004. if any one knows, please tell me. i will be most grateful to you.


I dont think this is allowed here...

Greven il-Vec

Delete this topic before you find yourself in trouble. I know the admin would not want this discussed on his site.


THis is piracy. This is not aloud.


not only is it not allowed. Its illegal under the Laws of the United States


ok guys. i know that it is illegal but i asked because a friend asked me about it. says he aint got money to buy new softs. but i aint gonna ask that kinda question again.


odomike, you are granted one warning and one warning only: do not post on anything concerned with warez or other pirated media, or anything else illegal.


i know that it is illegal but...

The fact that you are aware that such actions are illegal makes it all the worse. Are you trying to bring trouble to Trap 17?


Do not let it happen again.


It is a good idea to keep illegal **** out of the open. I am an avid pirater, but I never allow such topics into the open. Keep it in specified forums, and if you really need to look for a good forum on a pirating specified website. (I cannot help you find one either)-reply by Joeseph


don't be so harsh on the guy .. Its illegal but he only asked .. If u don't like it don't say anything to him .. Stop tryin to make him feel like rubbish


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