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Hi every1........Yesterday i bought a mobile for myself and also its cool and supports many things according to its costI bought Nokia 3110c and its s40 and also supports jar applicationsbut i don't know from where to download good jar applications like ultimate spy bluetooth hack 2009for free and many more..........please tell some gppd sites name from where i can get jar applications with key and that also for freeeeeLoL................AND ALSO Thankyou very much in advance--please reply i am waitimg still


we can't help you with "cracked" applications here at Xisto. it's against our TOS.

nevertheless, i know a site where you can download applications which are specific for your mobile unit. maybe you can find alternatives there, which are free. or you can still download the trial versions and see if these suit your needs. and if you find you like them, i'd suggest you purchase them. it's best that way, you can get better support on your jar apps you install on your mobile if you get the license of commercial apps. some apps out there (cracked ones) can't be trusted.

the site i'm referring to: http://www.getjar.com/

good luck


hey sorry to post here and sorry to go against your TOS........................but just to inform you that this is the site which i refereed.........to previously but now i want a new site which is better than getjar


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