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Thankyou For My Hosting :d


thankyou for my hosting B) so chuft i got me hostingthankyou Xisto team ur stars


Yeah Xisto's hosting packages are very reliable and only require activity on this forum (What is cool also ^^)


ye i do like your hosting. i do have a surgestion though. instead of making a forum ina forum y dunt u jus have the fourm as a catagory name. so u can see the whole froums on the frontpage rather than goin through 1 forum to another


Congradulations on joining the Xisto community and hosting services! I think that Xisto has the best hosting packages as far as I know, and you only need to post a couple of posts per week to keep it! (Well, not a couple, but at least 5 or more per week to be stable). Keep posting in the forums because you can help Xisto and you can get more credits for in case you forgot to post or if you don't have time to post etc.Thank you Xisto admnistrators! You guys are the best! (I forgot to say thanks too!)


Welcome to Xisto, and enjoy your stay here...This is a great community that you would want to continue in even if you do not want hosting.... Now with the hosting too, it is just great, isn't it?Tell your friends about this and let them also join. The more members here, more chances that your hosting continues to be free for a long long time...Googlue!


Oh yeah Xisto is the tightest...I don't give a crap about the limited bandwidth but the features...thats where they win they are the best hosting.


Ah yes, Xisto does own all doesn't it? Here's to Xisto! <knocks mug against ashmaninc's>


ye best service ive ever seen. thanks for all ur feedback il try my harest to post in the forums


I must agree on this one too. I looked at price for webhosting here in my country and must say this guys at Xisto are darn generous to us. If I wanted 150Megs for one year of webspace I should give to the local hosters half or more of my month salary. So I will stick with Xisto forever and hoping they will not die like all other freewebhosts in known. So thumbs up for Xisto.


If their hosting dies all freehosting is screwed and we would have to get multiple domains to equal the greatness of Xisto...I've been through pretty much all the free hosting for about a couple months and this is the best so far...I doubt anyone would be nice enough to give us free hosting like this.


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